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Sep 17, 2011 04:56 AM

Paris for a week solo- reservations or no?

I am 27/M going to Paris in early November for about a week, and would like to go to some upscale places, but I don't know if I should reserve for a single or just find places when I get there. Any input would be appreciated!

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  1. As said many times, if you want to go to a place, always reserve, you can always cancel. Even for many places same day, but RESERVE.

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    1. re: Delucacheesemonger

      Ten to twenty Euros paid to the hotel concierge when you check in should work (I assume your French is weak). They can find cancelations and same-day reservations that most visitors wouldn't be able to book.

      Another place you see lots of singles is in the secondary restaurants/bars/lounges at the luxe hotels. Expensive, yes, but quality is quite high, in my experience.

      Balzar and La Rotonde would also be welcoming.

      Finally, there are the bistros with bar seating, like Fish. Actually, I can't think of a quality bistro that would reject a single, especially at a first serving in the evening.

      1. re: Oakglen

        What do you mean by upscale? Most places where the food is known to be quite good will not have a table without advance reservations unless it has bar seating or doesn't take reservations at all (which is unusual in Paris.) As DCM said, it's always best to make a reservation. You'll usually be treated better, will be assured of a table, and you can always cancel if you change your plans.

    2. The fact that you'll be dining alone has nothing to do with needing reservations. It is always best to reserve in Paris (or anywhere else, for that matter). If you change your plans, it is easy to cancel -- not so easy to get a last minute reservation at a sought after place.