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Sep 16, 2011 10:14 PM

Perls is coming back - Salami Aficionados Rejoice

Great news for us, the long deserted

Bad news for the newish brand interlopers

Details to come


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  1. When already?
    Best chicken soup-other than my wife's

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    1. re: teppy1954

      Hey "TG"...........
      The old Perl's site is still boarded up....that can't be a 'coming soon'. In the absense of Perl's and the introduction (of myself and a few others) to "HARTMANN'S" (sp?)) southern branch (near Baycrest) , I have discovered the glatt kosher salami & hot dogs brand called 'Mehadrin'...I am not a fan of kosher salami but my husband said that in his opinion Mehadrin is the best he''s tried since Perl's burned down....he'll be happy to compare the two if Perl's does indeed reopen!!

    2. Best gefilte fish -- the one sold in broth in glass jars, not the loaves.