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Sep 16, 2011 07:04 PM

wedding registry help

So me and my dear SO are just beginning the wedding process, and of course the only rewarding part (besides the obvious: nuptials and honeymoon) is the registration (care to guess if I am the guy or girl?).

Obviously one of us wants to register at all the "sensible" stores: B^3, W&S, C&B. Any recommendations on where to register to really stock up on cooking supplies? If we get nothing else, I would love be fully decked out in the kitchen.

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  1. My SO and I are as well. Congrats!

    We were considering the same stores as well. I think we are going to go with C&B and Sur La Table. While SLT is a little more expensive (on average) than W&S, the items we want from SLT are decently priced, and don't appear to be as available as W&S. We've been together for a few years, so our kitchen is already well stocked; this is for those 'nice to haves' and the pieces we need to better entertain with.


    1. I would register at You can consolidate all the registries from other stores, and include places that don't have a registry service like Of course Amazon itself has pretty much everything.