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Sep 16, 2011 06:12 PM

dinner for 30 people in two days

Looking for help. 30 people (almost entirely) coming for dinner Sunday night. Can't be too casual. Husband can't cook. I am normally quite comfortable in the kitchen, but I'm overwhelmed right now. Originally considered flank steak on the grill and a layered cobb salad, baked scalloped potatoes, and a caprese salad, but not thinking that I will need too many flank steaks and two salads will be awkward. Help! getting a little frantic. M

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  1. I'm not sure that the flank steaks are a bad idea. You can put quite a few on the grill...and they quick really quickly. So it's really no problem to do two or three "rounds." Besides....once they're cut and served...I always find people eat less than I think they will.
    Also....some large salmon fillets would do the trick as well. Maybe just one of the salads and the potatoes. Some I also like to do for large crowds....sausages on the grill. Do different kinds....chicken dried tomato. A pasta salad and a green salad of some sort on the side. Easy to do....filling....tasty.

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      How about a dish like paëlla? Serve that with fresh bread and a salade and its great.
      Too with a paëlla, the guests get to watch and help, get them involved and most enjoy it. Since there is meat, chicken and fish, there is something for everyone.

      Else, I would say, keep it simple and fresh, there is so much coming from the farmers market, it is a great time of the year to be cooking!

      1. re: Richelle

        Thank you Perk and Richelle. I've thought about your comments and spoke to a friend. I'm in the south and the tomatoes are still great-so the tomato salad is in. Sausage and fish were in-but I think I need too much food for too many on the grill. A friend talked me into a Ham - made ahead. This with two large rustic Italian casseroles will be OK on what is expected to be a chilly night. Good bread...we have lots of wine.....Thoughts?

      2. re: perk

        Great ideas. I feel so grateful that there is someone out there. I've reconfigured a little in line with your ideas. I''m cutting out the Cobb Salad-going with tomato. They are beautiful here still. I decided on grilled sausage and fish idea, before going a little simpler. What do you think about a ham - made ahead- served with some mustards -the tomato salad- and two large rustic italian casseroles?

        1. re: marcelladon

          Sounds good to me, along the lines of ham, there could be roast pork. or any other meat to be slices and served.

          Good luck!

        2. re: perk

          Having fed 30 many times I find Costco tri tip is EASY & affordable. Sausages are a good idea, too. Larger pieces of meat are less work to cook BUT there is lots of carving. Does hubby have knife skills? Costco sells a GREAT ready to heat & serve scalloped potato in the frig case. Mainstreet Bistro brand I think. Salad & bread and you have dinner for 30.

          1. re: gki

            Great idea. I'll hit costco early in the morning before making any final decision. You're the best.

            1. re: gki

              I agree gki. Costco has been my salvation for many a party. Those large packages of sausages are a great deal...but I only buy them when I'm entertaining. There are so many! But it's perfect for a party. Costco is great for appetizers, too. The large shrimp plate is a great bargain. Also the stuffed grape leaves. And their big Caesar salad is really not bad!