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Sep 16, 2011 05:57 PM

Gluten Free, Nut Free, Lactose free dessert

I have friends that have all of these dietary restrictions. While they all generally try to avoid items containing their particular issues while visiting, I would like to come up with a dessert that all of them can eat that isn't something like grilled fruit or some other cop out. Besides maybe a flourless chocolate cake made with clarified butter, I'm having trouble generating ideas that work for all 3 restrictions that don't contain 16 different GF flours and other wonky substitutes.

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  1. Coconut milk ice cream. It's yummy. Served with a tropical fruit reduction sauce.

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      Coconut milk is usually made with milk. Coconut water or Coconut juice is dairy free, but coconut milk or coconut cream usually isn't. Check the packaging to be sure -- if it doesn't display the P for Pareve you should assume it contains dairy.

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        I have never, ever seen coconut milk that contains dairy. Usually there are three ingredients: coconut, water and a stabilizer. Even Coco Lopez and its ilk don't contain dairy usually.

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          Coconut milk is completely dairy free. It's made by squeezing the freshly grated flesh of coconuts. Coconut cream is skimmed off the top of coconut milk and, by nature, has less water.

          You cannot assume a product has dairy if it is not marked Pareve/Parve, as those markings are trademarks under the control of Rabbinical organizations. Just because something isn't marked doesn't mean it isn't dairy free.

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            Sorry, my mistake. Many home recipes call for dairy. I guess commercial versions don't. Consider my warning withdrawn.

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          Good idea! I hadn't thought of that. My friend who recently became lactose intolerant has been REALLY upset about it. He LOVES cheese and other dairy products, so I'd love something that won't make him miss milk so much. This may be the trick. Something nice and creamy!

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            Coconut milk makes delicious panna cotta, and chocolate sauce as well. David Lebovitz has a delicious chocolate/coconut sorbet.

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              Coconut milk ice cream is very good, very rich, and very creamy.

          2. I like this bittersweet chocolate mousse made with egg whites, no dairy. Serve with fresh berries or other fruit, such as orange supremes (I've never done the kumquats in the recipe). If concerned about raw egg whites use pasteurized, either liquid or dehydrated. (I keep dehydrated Just Whites around for when I need egg whites only, and they beat up fine.)


            1. You can make a gluten free, nut free, lactose free chocolate sponge cake using corn starch or potato starch along with cocoa powder, but it takes knowing how to do a french sponge. If you want to make it special I would suggest making a coconut chocolate sorbet, freezing it hard in mounds, top with meringue and toast it. Or serve with meringue cookies and pepita brittle. You can buy the meringue cookies and pepita brittle is very easy to do. Sesame brittle is really nice too.

              You can make a nice chocolate tart - just get a store bought all-purpose gluten free flour mix, like King Arthur and make your crust with Earth Balance dairy free sticks. The filling is made with coconut milk.

              You can also whip coconut cream like whipped cream or use it to make pastry cream (just make sure it is unsweetened coconut cream or adjust the sugar).

              That being said - I dont know what is wrong with fruit desserts. They are good!

              A couple of different but still good ones - avocado mousse or ice cream or tofu chocolate mousse. Granitas.

              Mochi waffles are fun.

              GF oat based crisps (just make sure the GF person eats GF oats)

              Second hte coconut panna cotta.

              1. Oh, you can also make chocolate pudding (not very fancy, I know) with avocados. It's surprisingly tasty. Links to a couple recipes (I tried the first one):


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                  You can make chocolate pudding with silken tofu, too (again, not fancy). You'd never guess it's made with tofu - tastes like a light, fluffy mousse.

                  I make it like this: Bring 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup sugar (I prefer light brown for this) to a boil in a small saucepan, whisking to dissolve sugar. Remove from heat and whisk in 6 oz. chopped bitterweet chocolate until melted, plus a bit of instant espresso powder if you like. Let cool until a few minutes and then scrape into a food processor with a package of soft silken tofu and a teaspoon of vanilla. Pulse until completely blended (only takes a few seconds), put into a container, cover, and refrigerate until set.

                2. What about pavlova w/ fruit/sauce, like this blueberry caramel sauce: