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Sep 16, 2011 04:44 PM

Aioli Deli, Forestville

We have heard a lot about the food at Aioli Deli, especially the fish tacos, in the little town of Forestville in Western Sonoma County. Well, the fish tacos which are a special on Fridays may be the best darn tasting food in all of the county!
A small deli with a couple of tables inside and a handful of tables outside, I counted about 20 people who came and went while we were there and everyone had those tacos.
Soft corn tortilla with a heaping amount of light as air breaded cod, fresh salsa with a bit of kick, slaw and aioli. Came with a couple of lime wedges. Two per order, felt like having a dozen but two were plenty.

Highly recommended if your in the area. I hear that other menu items like the pulled pork are also excellent but did not try anything else.

Aioli Deli
6536 Front Street

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  1. The fish tacos sound great. Breaded and fried, right? Do you recall the price?

    Thanks for the update, can't believe I haven't stopped by Aioli. It's only been open for FOUR years.

    6536 Front St, Forestville, CA 95436

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Sorry for the late reply, yes, very lightly battered and fried and the price was $8.50. Worth every penny :) Not sure but we hope to get back there tomorrow.

    2. I work in Forestville and after some time, Aioli definitely worked out their kinks and glitches, and has now become my #1 go-to spot in town. Their salads are incredible, their paninis are OUTSTANDING, and the quality of their food is exceptional.

      I highly recommend their green bean/toasted garlic salad, their potato salad, their quinoa salad... I usually get the quinoa and the green bean salads and eat half of each small container for lunch.

      Fish tacos are excellent.

      Crab cakes are in season now, and I've waited a YEAR to try them. Today will be my first try. They're known for them, just as they are their fish tacos and burgers.


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      1. re: sec7470

        sec7470, please give a report on the crab cakes. We're headed out that way from NJ next week and Aioli Deli is on our list to get to.
        I need to give those salads a try!

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          The crab cake... how to describe the crab cake?! It was divine. Heavenly. PERFECT.

          Nothing but crab meat and some scallions, some light seasoning, and a breading so light it practically wasn't there at all.

          Served over sliced golden beets and baby arugula, this has to be one of the most delicious crab cakes I have ever eaten.

          You better call ahead of time to make sure they have them, though... No joke.

          If you like corned beef, their reuben panini is excellent. Seriously - every one of their sandwiches is wonderful.

          Enjoy, and have a great holiday in sunny California!


          1. re: tom246

            I took a picture of it and posted in in my Facebook group, The Food We Make. Join me and the rest of the members there!

        2. I've tried to go there several times over the past few years, but it's always been Sunday when I've gone through Forestville and they're closed on Sunday. Come on, Aioli, be open on Sunday and closed some weekday like other restaurants.

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          1. re: Malcolm Ruthven

            Just read on their website that they have closed. This was a great little place, we were itching to get back there in June.

            Does anyone know if the owners intend on opening up a restaurant, deli etc anywhere else. We need more places like Aioli Deli, not less!