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Sep 16, 2011 02:23 PM

Rice Krispie pancakes

I've heard about them, but never had them. Can't find anything online. Anyone have a recipe? Or would I just make regular pancake batter, add the rice krispies before cooking and top with warmed marshmallow topping? Also dreaming about the possibility of throwing some peanut butter or Nutella somewhere in there...

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  1. Most of what I've read about "Rice Krispie Pancakes" had the title "Rice Crispy Pancakes" and should have been called "Crispy Rice Pancakes" because they are typically prepared using rice flour rather than the breakfast cereal. That said, I see no reason why you couldn't incorporate some of the cereal in a pancake. But I wouldn't put it in the mix. I'd probably try sprinkling the cereal on top of a partially cooked pancake (about half done on one side) then allowing it to cook a bit longer before turning it onto the other side to finish. Things like peanut butter and Nutella would be difficult to use as a batter ingredient but could be spread on or, if thinned out, brushed on when plating.

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      I think waiting until the pancake is partially cooked is a great idea. I was toying with that since I didn't want my krispies to un-krisp. I only turned up recipes for crispy rice pancakes, which is something else entirely than I'm looking for. Thanks for the tips!

    2. I was so curious about this I had to google it! You've definitely heard of this in connection with the sweet puffed rice cereal, correct? Not just crispy pancakes made of rice? I've had plenty of the latter but they had nothing to do with the breakfast cereal!

      Google didn't help me much either, but it did bring up something on the rice crispies website itself, here:

      But it blends the rice crispies with the batter which to me seems pretty pointless.

      Where have you heard of these?

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        They were a special on the menu of a breakfast restaurant I went to about a year ago. I've been dreaming of them ever since and didn't order them when I had the chance - When I recently went back, they acted like I had horns on my head when I asked about them. Officially, they were Rice Krispie Treat Pancakes - complete with marshmallow sauce. So, no, they were not "Crispy Rice Pancakes" of the ethnic variety...

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          Very popular with the college crowd according to my son, studying in PA. To your favorite pancake batter as you pour it into the buttered pan add a sprinkle of rice krispies (son uses cocoa krispies lately) to the unbaked side just as the pan side is firming up. Then flip and complete the cooking process. They pour semi melted marshmallow fluff, chocolate syrup and melted pb over the top. This super sweet pancake is referred to as Krispie Jacks.

          and here's another riff.