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Sep 16, 2011 12:48 PM

BBQ Chicken with vinegar sauce

Was wondering if anyone knows if this method is a regional style of some type. Had dinner over a friend of a friends house and got served their "secret recipe" BBQ chicken. They make a marinade and par-boil the chicken. The chicken is then finished over a gas grill (Weber type). The marinade is then boiled and served in bowls. Chicken is eaten with fingers or knife and fork and with each bite you dip the chicken in marinade before eating. Let's not go down the road of boiled and BBQ in the same sentence discussion please. It was actually very good. The hosts were from Indiana.

What little info I got about the marinade ingredients were it contained white vinegar, water, butter, sugar and seasonings. Chicken was cut into pieces before boiling.

Would like to look a some recipes if anyone has one and/or any history of the dish.


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  1. (I'm biting my tongue on the par-boiling bit...)

    It seems to me like you've effectively reverse engineered the dish, or at least most of it. The marinade sounds pretty reasonable -- though I'd recommend just making more of it instead of boiling what was marinating the chicken -- so I'd say give what you know a whirl and adjust from there. I'd imagine the only differences will be from the spices you add.

    1. Sounds like Lexington BBQ to me, which I discovered in western NC when in college.

      1. This sounds like it is in the general neighborhood of Cornell Chicken. Basically, this is an East Coast roadside chicken recipe where 1/2 chickens are marinated overnight and then grilled and brushed with the marinade until they are done. The marinade is a combination of oil, vinegar, poultry seasoning and salt & pepper. Sometimes an egg is mixed in. In your case it sounds like some of marinade is held to the side as a dipping sauce.

        Information and recipe here:

        1. The marinade sounds like the recipe for the barbecued chicken used by NH 4-H and Grange except the mixture is put into sprayers. The chicken isn't marinated. It's put on a charcoal fire in large racks and sprayed often to keep it moist. If it's not spray often, it gets dry. The recipe doesn't contain any seasonings except for salt. I think the recipe was in the National Grange Bicentennial cookbook. I'm not sure when it started being used in NH.

          When I was learning how to cook, I went thru a period of parboiling chicken before it was put on the grill so we knew it was well cooked. It also doesn't have to spend so much time on the grill. The large batch cooking done at the fair requires about 2 hours of cooking, spraying and turning.

          1. For years I have been making a vinegar based basting sauce for chicken. I mix cider vinegar, a little red wine vinegar, garlic salt, black pepper and tabasco sauce (to taste). Nothing special but it really works on grilled chicken. Just baste as it cooks (1 hour for thighs). I always brine my chicken before cooking.