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Sep 16, 2011 11:43 AM

How Much pp @ Bazaar

i'm asking because i was designated to choose a restaurant for a party of 8..

I was gonna say providence, but when i was there two weeks ago (and i wouldnt mind going back) it was $600 for two.. and I didnt want to subject members of the party to pay for more than they could handle.. (of course we had the 15 course chef menu, and wouldnt want to do the a la carte this time around )

so i made a reservation at bazaar.. their website isnt very informative.. is it about $150 PP? after food / drinks / tip / tax ??

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  1. uhh we went during dine LA with 4 people and it came out to just north of 150pp after tip/drink/tax

    ...and I was hungry afterwards.

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    1. re: ns1

      hungry afterwards? is that the norm.. or is that because normally DINE(anything) week means smaller prefixe menus..


      1. re: broncophil

        norm/restricted by budget. portions aren't very big. honestly the whole meal was cool but forgettable.

        1. re: broncophil

          dineLA at the Bazaar is their regular menu. When I did it last year, I was so stuffed i had just a spoonful of dessert. YMMV.

          1. re: jaykayen

            we did the dinela menu, ordered a bunch of stuff off the menu, and i could've eaten 2-3 tacos afterwards. I don't consider myself a heavy eater

            the $50 (or w/e it was) white sangria was bomb as hell though.

        1. I did dineLA with a group of six, and it was less than $100pp. Probably more like 80-100. But you can rack it up.

          1. I went last week and the bill ended up around $160 per person including tax, tip, drinks and dessert afterwards. Our group had several rounds of drinks and a few bottles of wine. We were all very satisfied and full. The chicken croquettes, philly cheese steak, eel roll and foei gras cotton candy were still as good as usual.