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Swamp Rabit Cafe and Grocery - Greenville SC

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Just tried this new place on the amazingly popular swamp rabbit trail. Cedar Lane Rd, aka 183 for those on 4 wheels.

Cafe: My husband had a ham,egg, and cheese pressed sandwich, blessedly free of the usual grease on the bread. I had a "swamp rabbit roll" which was ciabbata-like, spread w/ Spinning Spider goat cheese. We also had a nice salad and I had muscadine cider. Everything was pretty good.

Grocery: WOW! I'm on my way over there as soon as I can ditch work. Spinning spider and split creek farm goat cheese, beautiful lettuces, microgreens, artisinal blue grits and other milled grains. happy cow dairy, local goat meat (frozen)...on and on.

The owners were trying HARD and a little nervous. Go show them some love, we need some high-end groceries on this side of town. (only a few miles west of downtown ...go out past the Library/History museum and keep going til you see it on the left)

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  1. I like the place to. I stop by on my ride to the office. Smoothies, coffee and organic food. They need to market more.