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Sep 16, 2011 10:59 AM

Lunch/Dinner Recommendations - Ottawa

Hey all,

Gonna be in Ottawa for a week, looking for some must eat places. Preferably on the cheap side as I will be very much budgeted, but am willing to splurge for a meal or two if a place is regarded highly enough.

Thanks all, look forward to dining in Ottawa!

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    1. re: poumonsauvage

      Well ill be back in a weeks time with a car. Also looking for vegetarian recs and places with good machos!

      1. re: timmychanga

        Try zen kitchen on somerset for vegetarian.
        Otherwise there are vegetarian chinese restos

    2. The Works-pretty good burgers, great milkshakes. I believe they have a few locations. Kettleman's has good Montreal style bagels and breakfast sandwiches.