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Sep 16, 2011 10:45 AM

Indian Restaurant Happy Hour?

Several friends of mine and I have started a new book club. We meet monthly and tend to do it at restaurants with Happy Hours for lots of reasons. At our last meeting, we had the brilliant idea of trying to find restaurants that mesh with the book we're reading each month, and our next one is Life of Pi.

Does anyone know of an Indian Restaurant that has a happy hour besides the Clay Pit? I understand that they only offer their happy hour in the bar. Is the bar atmosphere at Clay Pit amenable to sitting and visiting with friends or would it be too noisy?

As always, thanks so much for your input.


Clay Pit
1601 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78701

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  1. Sarovar on Burnet Rd used to have some sort of a bar attached to it, although the last time I visited was some years ago. The food just never appealed to me much, so I haven't been back.

    1. Thanks for your response, TAF. To everyone, just to clarify, what we're interested in is the discounted (preferably half-price) appetizers as well as discounted drinks.

      1. There's always G'Raj Mahal. Not really a bar, but is within very short walking distance of several bars. Have had many a happy hour spill over to G'Raj Mahal. And, G'Raj Mahal is always so sloooowwwww you'll have to plenty of time to talk amongst yourselves.