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Sep 16, 2011 10:38 AM

Le Creuset Saucier?

I need to get a 3-3.5 quart saucier and I know most would suggest All-Clad or similar. Which is fine but Le Creuset makes one too. I feel more confident with enabled cast iron for some reason (probably because I had one non-stick pan and one 3 quart sauce pan of enamled cast iron in college - that's it) - but I don't know if it makes sense for this application. I would like to know thoughts on this or if anyone owns one of the Le Creuset sauciers. I know it takes a long time to boil water if I wanted to do so. I just feel like enamled cast iron is more forgiving to wear.

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  1. In that size, I use both a 3 qt All-Clad saucepan and a 3.5 qt. Le Creuset French oven. I boil water for pasta for one in the LC. Half-filled, it boils in 8-10 minutes, which I don't think is that long. I have an 8 qt. very lightweight stainless stockpot I used to use for pasta, and half- to 3/4-filled, it took 15 minutes to boil.

    1. What application exactly are you needing the saucier for? That will determine whether time-to-boil is really the most important feature for you.

      Any difference in time-to-boil between the LeCreuset and the heavy-duty All Clad will not be large, but if you search previous posts I am sure someone has done some precision research on the question.

      I myself would go for the Le Creuset because I prefer the enamel coating over stainless for most applications because it is even less reactive.

      Not to mention that I have an induction burner and not all stainless-bottomed pots are sufficiently magnetic whereas enameled cast iron performs beautifully with induction.

      1. I own the 2 1/4 quart Le Creuset enameled cast iron saucier. I really like it. It gets regular use in my kitchen by everyone. One thing that I like about the enameled cast iron sauce pans ( I also own the 1 1/4 qt precision pour pan) is that it keeps the food warm while you are waiting to serve.

        I also have their 3 1/2 qt wide oval oven among my many other Le Creuset pans.

        Does it take longer to boil than my All Clad d-5 I'd say yes, but I've never bothered to time it. I've boiled water in my Le Creuset a lot.

        1. Look: you can get one in LC's newest color, Aubergine, if you go to Williams-Sonoma.