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Sep 16, 2011 10:10 AM

Go to Go Berry in Northampton, MA

I just stopped at GO Berry for a frozen yogurt and remembered how really wonderful it is. They have a locally made Frozen yogurt, soft not as soft as typical soft serve, made from excellent Side Hill Farm yogurt and Mapleline milk, both local. There are three flavors on offer at a time, today Original, Pistachio and blueberry cardamom, as well as a plethora of toppings from fresh fruits to candies to nuts to granola. I had pistachio with candied ginger and it was great, the ginger is in very small pieces so it froze on contact with the yogurt and became wonderfully chewy.

The yogurt has a real yogurt tang and a bit of sweetness.

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  1. We love GoBerry. I often take my girls there in the summer when we're in town....$2 for a kiddie size and at the glacial pace that they eat ice cream and frozen treats, it lasts for a long time! I usually don't get the toppings because they seem sort of expensive (and because we go there so much). It is a great little place.

    1. Thanks for the info! I usually indulge in Herrels chocolate pudding ice cream when I'm in town, but now I'll try Go Berry when I'm trying to limit my sweet tooth. Side Hill is the only yogurt I use at home, and I know Mapleline is a fine dairy.
      Sounds great!

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        There is a new location in Amherst, in the Amherst Cinema building.

      2. Thank you so much for this post. I was in the Pioneer Valley for a few days this week, and would never have stopped at a frozen yogurt place had I not read your rec. Absolutely fantastic, creamy, fresh, real-tasting yogurt, and a bargain at $3 for a small. Wow.

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        1. Great soups there, too! This mild winter has made it fun to keep eating their soup, followed by a Caribbean flavored yogurt. Wonderful!

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            wow, I had no idea about the soup.

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              Well, you are in for a treat! The soups are always great, healthy, sometimes vegan and always delicious!