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Sep 16, 2011 10:03 AM


SLP Woodfire Grill - Went there for happy hour yesterday. Service was horrible. just horrible. Still looks like Alaska Eatery and the Timberlodge from after. Menu - nothing appealing - nothing special. Sounds like another failure for this joint.
Skip this place. Hit the West End and go to Soprano's if in St. Louis Park.

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  1. I had the complete opposite experience. Was there last week - ate in the bar. Bartender "Devo" was a hoot. Had the grilled avacado with tomatillo salsa and it was totally novel and excellent, and I eat out 99% of the time and travel for a living so I think I am a decent judge. We were also treated to 3 small samplers of different salads - on the house. The ruben was ordered - no complaints. The shrimp mac and cheese was a little too rich but how is that bad? I would go back in a heartbeat.

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    1. re: DoveMinneapolis

      I'm interested to learn more about this spot.

      What was wrong with the service?
      What did you want to see from the menu that you did not?
      Was Alaska Eatery ugly to begin with? Is there a problem with decor?
      What does Sopranos do that this place does not?

      Why was bartender Devo a "hoot"?
      What is novel about the grilled avocado and tomatilo salsa dish?
      What about those salads? Are they any good? Would like to more about them besides the fact they were on the house.
      Food being too rich is absolutely a problem. It is a problem because it throws the flavors out of balance, makes it harder to enjoy an accompanying beverage, and makes you sleepy. Would you have preferred the dish to be lighter?

      We have here two very strong opinions about this place, and little to help us make an assessment.

      Alaska Eatery
      6501 Wayzata Boulevard, St Louis Park, MN

      1. re: kevin47

        they were 'trying' too hard. way too hard. a good place should not have to try so hard. they were giving away appetizers and drinks. the wings were below average - plain and tasteless. everyone was treated to the the free sample of salads - again - thats just trying too hard. the menu is nothing special. the manager walked around acting like he was a king or something. the whole experience was just bizarre. i have also been to this place when it was Alaska Eatery - that was at least a more interesting menu. all they have done here is put a coat of paint on and change names and re-open with a boring menu. its just unfortunate.

        Alaska Eatery
        6501 Wayzata Boulevard, St Louis Park, MN

        1. re: foodwork12

          My neighbor went there yesterday evening and had the same experience! this place is not working out!! She said they had the worst service and the manager was even rude to them. There prime rib was practically raw and terrible. Too bad SLP. Guess another one down.