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Sep 16, 2011 08:37 AM

Top Chef Just Desserts 09/14/11 (spoiler)

Here it's Friday, and no one, including me, has posted about this latest episode. Wonder why...

Overall a bit more interesting than previous episodes, and it did allow the individuals to conceptualize, execute, and succeed or fail on their own merits.

It was clever to do the reunion aspect of the Willy Wonka movie, which led to the scenario for the elimination. And it was interesting to see which chefs were able to shine with their creativity, whimsy, and ability to deftly produce their vision.

And then there were those who didn't. That Craig was eliminated was certainly no surprise. And Melissa's bad decisions about her doughnuts sealed her fate.

Plus, having Ron Ben-Israel as guest judge gave us a glimpse of what we'll get starting next week with his new show on FN. We'll see on that one...

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  1. I was dumbfounded when they asked her if she had tasted her doughnuts and she said no. How do you not taste what you are giving to the judges?

    It's been said over and over in all aspects of food prep: taste your food! It's so simple, yet it burns people all the time.

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    1. re: LurkerDan

      I agree with the judge's comments, "Why even put it out?" if the food was bad. Melissa's daisy's were one of their favorites, so that might have saved her. But, I wonder if the criticism of her would have then been, "Well, she only did one thing... Other people did more."

      I don't remember who it was, but I thought it was funny when he assumed the movie snacks would be their "ingredients" for a surprise quick-fire and, so, he didn't eat them.

      And I thought it was odd how the middle of the pack people didn't get called to the judges table at all. Very uncomfortable, actually.

      I'm glad Craig is gone. He's a nice enough person and everything, but he's just not in the same league as everyone else and he's been dragging Sally down (and she's let him...her fault, but, still...)


      1. re: The Dairy Queen

        The carrot patch dessert was hands down my favorite. That would be great to re-create at home for an Easter or birthday party. Also as noted before, it was impossible to "taste" anything that was made which is where I feel a disconnect with the show.

        1. re: Bunson

          That was so clever. I like what Katsie has done in most of the challenges.

          1. re: Bunson

            Loved the carrot patch. I wanted to know how she made the "carrots" strong enough to be pull with a string, but not inedibly rock hard.


            1. re: The Dairy Queen

              Looked like the cakes were on popsicle sticks and covered with chocolate. Plus they would not have been packed too tightly into the dirt.

            2. re: Bunson

              Do you feel like you can "taste" the food made on other shows? How are desserts different?

            3. re: The Dairy Queen

              I think it was Matthew who saved his snacks in case of quick fire.
              I loved this challenge - willie wonka has always been a favorite of mine and the edible room concept was so great.
              I'm really glad Craig is gone - he was so in over his head.
              Oh, the faces people made over those donuts! what did she put in them to make them so bad???

              1. re: jujuthomas

                Yes, Matthew.

                Donuts have to be super fresh to be good anyway. It was just a bad choice all-around.


                1. re: The Dairy Queen

                  Those donuts looked like they were covered in that green slime from that show "Double Dare" that Food Network's Marc Summers used to host.

          2. I had to decide between watching either this or Dance Moms live and DVRing the other and Dance Moms won out so I just saw TCJD. I thought it was a fun challenge and am glad they invited kids to enjoy it--what great memories for a lifetime. I thought the chocolate fountain that forecefully sprayed chocolate was funny. I'll bet Sally is glad to have Craig gone--now she can concentrate on her own work. I thought it was funny when Craig said he made it through four shows and he's been able to prove he can hang with the "Big Boys." Umm, yeah let's go with that.

            1. Glad to see the whiners gone.

              1. I'm late to the TCJD party.
                Been busy, so I dvr'd the episodes, and just have gotten into it.

                I was really looking forward to finding the posts - especially about this episode - and reading everyones comments.
                Wow - I am super disappointed that there's not too much chat about it.
                I wonder why?

                I LOVED this episode -
                I thought the carrot patch and honey bee's were brilliant, as well as the edible wall paper.
                So creative!!

                I wonder if folks were so put off by last season's drama, that they are not watching this series.

                It would be a shame, because these guy's seem way more talented..I'm really enjoying it so far!