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Sep 16, 2011 08:16 AM

Piri Piri Grillhouse./ Dupont Street

Any opinions on this place? I checked their website, but the home page is in Latin (!) and the menu has no information at all.

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  1. Its alright.......nothing special but also not bad. I am Portuguese, so you can say I have a bias; I just do not like places that simply appear to stop "trying"

    What are you looking for? Traditional Portuguese?

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    1. re: dmartins123

      I'm working in the area & thought I'd check it out. I'll try their website later when I've brushed up on my Latin. Thanks.

    2. The Latin is placeholder copy designers insert when the actual copy isn't ready. The site has changed from the last time I visited it and, judging from the # of dead links, it looks like they're still building it.

      Haven't been myself, I think a search will turn up some other people's opinions of the place.

      1. It's almost a touch of 'old world'. Food is quite respectable - piri piri sauce is fantastic - except sometimes the meat is overcooked.

        Clientele is bizarre
        Family groups - multi-geneational
        Teenagers on 'first date or prom dresses'
        Groups of same-sex - various ages.
        Conventional couple/foursomes.
        Many (?most) seem to know the servers.

        Not sure it's 'worth a detour' (of course very few places in Toronto are) but good neighbourhood place

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        1. re: estufarian

          And very salty. But that's the Portuguese style.

        2. I have only been once, and that was about 2 years ago so maybe it has improved - while the atmosphere said "comfortable family place" - the chicken I ordered wasn't as good as what you'd get at a Swiss Chalet and the piri piri was so so. Maybe it was a bad day, because when I drive by on weekends it always seems relatively busy.

          1. We go twice or more a year. I find their grilled whole fish quite tasty and fairly priced. There are two kinds of whole fish, plus whole sardines. We've been going for several years. We've never had anything else.