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Sep 16, 2011 08:02 AM

Eigensinn' barn burnt down yesterday

not sure what was in it...

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Did you take this picture? If not, do you have a source? Just curious to find out more about it. I tried searching for news in Google but nothing came up.

        Let's try to keep this conversation civil...

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          I got the picture from a friend on Facebook who owns a lodge near the farm and is a personal friend of the Eigensinns. I have personally seen him out at restaurants with the Eigensinn family on several occassions so there is no reason to doubt the authenticity in my eyes.

              1. re: iMarilyn

                Eigensinn is the name of the farm - it's owned by Michael Stadtlander, who is regarded as one of the best, if not *the* best Chef in Canada. In 2002, Eigensinn's farm was considered to be the 9th best restaurant in the world.

                Last time I was at that farm, it was filled with livestock. Their house is also adjacent on the property, so I hope they're all safe. This farm meant a lot to them - they'd be devastated if this is their farm.

                The last time I was there I was told that the Stadtlander's had named the farm because it meant something like "a dream come true" or "arrival" or something along those lines., so I'm not sure who the Eigensinn's are...

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                  So much more context! ;-) I figure google takes care of the details.

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                    I was typing that up and then got distracted for a good 5 minutes... so I didn't see your reply. :)

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              The last line of my previous post was in reference to comments that have since been removed from this discussion thread.

            2. Maybe they're taking it down? A friend burned his barn down too... There were smouldering logs for a while... made it easier to light a fire though!

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              1. ok, so I called and spoke to a very nice young lady at Hassai. She was appreciative of the phone call, and gave me quite a few details after telling her that I am a fan and customer of the farm.

                The fire was two days ago. It was an accident and started on the upper floor amongst the tools and machinery. However, it was in the morning around 9:30am and all the animals and people are safe. So everything is ok. He just lost a lot of his stock - you know, sauces and anything that he'd harvested. So, not all that grim, and it looks like everyone got out safely.

                She also mentioned that they may do a fundraiser sometime in October at one of the restaurants nearby.

                Although everyone is safe, I still feel terrible for them. They are extremely nice people, and I hope I'll get a chance to go to the fundraiser. Perhaps I'll wait a week and email Nobuyo.

                /edit I also got the impression that the fire was limited to the "barn" and not the entire Farm, or the house, where they live. I apologize for my lack of familiarity with farming/husbandry/agricultural terminology.

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                  Thanks for doing the sleuthing Justpete! Good to know everyone is safe.