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Sep 16, 2011 07:47 AM

Taffy Addiction Delemma - [Moab, Utah]

Recently a friend visited MOAB, UTAH and brought back a bag of Salt Water Taffy from a gift shop there for the office to share. The taffy was made exclusively for Moab and had the name of the town on the bag. To a taffy addict like me, this was THE BEST TAFFY I have ever eaten. However, before I could glean the name of the manufacturer from the wrapping, some neat freak in our office took the last few pieces, left them in a candy dish and disposed of the bag. GURRR!!!!! Can ANYONE out there in Chow Hound land help me with this mystery?? BEST TAFFY EVER!!!!!!!! VELVETY Soft - EVERY flavor discernable from the next - MELTS in your mouth. I DREAM of this taffy. HELP!!!!

Chow Hound
18 E Main, Green River, UT 84525

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  1. I'm not a taffy-holic myself, but I do know that downtown Estes Park has two or three (maybe more) taffy shops on Elkhorn Ave., the main drag. One, in fact, I think is called the Taffy Shop. I've never tried it, but you might head up and do a comparison tasting. autumn is elk bugling season in adjacent Rocky Mountain Natl Park. If you've never witnessed it, take yourself up there for an afternoon and evening, lay into some taffy and then head for RMNP.

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    1. re: ClaireWalter

      Thanks for the tip Claire, however, I'm at a bit of a geograpical disadvatage since I am in Indiana, LOL. Was hoping to possibly find the company who reps the taffy and mail order from them. I have ordered online from a place called the Taffy Shop (not sure if its the same - their wrappers say taffytown on them) and their's was very disappointing. They are out of a different city though. Is Estes Park in Moab??

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        I was under the impression that you were going to be visiting Estes Park -- tho' I'm not sure why! Maybe an adjacent E-mail. Sorry.

    2. Brown Betty Candy shop....I used to vacation there, best SWT ever, it's in Moab, near downtobn.

      1. I picked up a box of taffy from the local grocery (City Market) in Moab. The website from the box is This box had like 3 flavors to it (cotton candy, buttered popcorn and one other) and was delicious. Not sure if this is "the" taffy you were looking for or not but might be worth a shot. Also, there was a decent sized candy store right on Main Street that had huge tubs loaded with taffy. Might want to try and call them (could find them via google). Hope this helps.

        1. I have recently realized I have a REAL problem with Salt Water Taffy.

          My husband and I were on vacation a few weeks ago and among other places we went to, we dropped by for the day in Monterrey California. What a great place that is.

          Anyway while we walked and talked and nibbled and ventured about, in a shop there were barrels and barrels of taffy all flavors all colors. I walked through as my husband was resting his gout misbehaving foot, and all I could do was grab the closest bag for immediate filling.

          I bought by color, by name, by flavor, by interest, by sheer lack of holding back.

          Although I didn't get that much or that huge of a bag, checking out my bill was right at about $30. When I went to show my man, he gulped like 'really'?

          I can not quite say how much enjoyment this gosh darn expensive stuff gives me.

          What is it about taffy?

          Where can I find it less expensive because not going back up north for a while and eventually this bag is going to run dry. I keep it in the freezer and eat them even frozen. They are still so good.

          Just dawned on me I'll be in Salt Lake City Utah this weekend for a football game.
          Any idea if I can get that Moab taffy anywhere in SLC? Would love to know if so, that'd be great because already rented a car to get around, just not up (or down) to Moab.

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          1. re: iL Divo

            Hi iL Divo,
            I can't believe after a year I am still getting feedback on this question. I think salt water taffy is one of those sweet chewy treats that makes us regress back to childhood. I recently vacationed in South Dakota and found some pretty good taffy there but nothing like the stuff my friend brought back from Moab. And I too purchased a good amount of hand selected flavors. I think I walked ou of the taffy shop in Keystone with about 2 pounds of taffy. I'm sure my dentist is thrilled with my addiction as it gives him job security. Now, if you are going to Salt Lake City, Utah you are going to be traveling through the heart of Salt Water Taffy nervana. I do believe Salt Lake City prides itself on it's taffy. Outside of the Jersey Shore and the West Coast vendors like San Francisco, SLC is HUGE on vending in the Salt Water Taffy trades. I know at some point I've had theirs, but none other have stuck with me like the taffy I had from Moab. Hope your trip is awesome and you find some yummy treats for you and your sweetheart!

            1. re: dmscheum

              my friend lives in Mapleton and I'll be seeing her. I'm gonna get out a text to her and tell her to find a place where I can buy Moab Taffy. there's gotta be a spot where I can pick some up. not there long enough to drive the 200+ miles to Moab.

              1. re: dmscheum

                met up with my friend who has a friend that lives in Moab.
                she told me she FB'd her friend to ask about the taffy and we're awaiting the answer.