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Sep 16, 2011 07:04 AM

Where can I find Chinese mitten crab (Da Zha Xie, 大閘蟹)?

Hi chowhounders! It is a bit too early season now, but does anybody know where I can eat Chinese mitten crab, which is also called Shanghai hairy crab (Da Zha Xie, 大閘蟹), in New York?

If they are not available in NY, any similar alternatives? :)


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  1. i dont think you can get them in NY...dont really have a good alternative for them either, sorry

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    1. re: Lau

      I am sorry to hear that too... T^T

      BTW, thanks for the Korean BBQ recommendation in Flushing. I was at Mapo last Saturday and fully enjoyed it. As a Korean myself, I can say Mapo is an authentic Korean BBQ house! :)

      1. re: kosmose7

        yah i actually cant remember ever seeing them in the US. ive only actually had them a couple of times in hong kong. i think they're probably too expensive for most chinatown locals, it gets pretty expensive at the dinners ive had it at

        if ure ever in HK during hairy crab season, you should try this restaurant which is one of my favorites in HK, they've got hairy crab soup dumplings that are unbelievably good

        1. re: Lau

          Boy, that looks good!

          Some of my Shanghai crab postings in Hong Kong here:

          Even in Seoul, Korea, I could taste Shanghai crabs too!:

          But then, New York has lots and lots of other delicacies... so.... That is my consolation now. har.

    2. Hairy crabs were on offer at Mitsuwa, in Edgewater, New Jersey, during their annual Hokkaido Food Fair several years ago:

      Those were uncooked, of course. I don't recall what the story was with this one:

      I haven't attended the Hokkaido event since, but this year it begins on Thursday, September 22, and runs through Sunday.

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      1. re: DaveCook

        whoa they had them? very interesting

        1. re: Lau

          That hokkaido food fair is fun-all kinds of good stuff-uni, ikura etc....
          but very crowded

        2. re: DaveCook

          Oh, my!! Thanks for your valuable info, DaveCook!!!!! :)

          Actually I was asking about Chinese mitten crab (Da Zha Xie, 大閘蟹), which is different from Japanese/ Korean hairy crab called 毛蟹 (pronouncd 'kegani' in Japanese and 'tolge' in Korean). However, I was equally dying for 'kegani'/ 'tolge' too! So thanks so much! I'm going there next week! :)

          1. re: DaveCook

            DaveCook, I was at Mitsuwa today and bought four large frozen hairy crabs, thanks to you! Thanks so much!!!!

          2. I saw them while buying blue crabs at the new Chinese grocery store on Mott, between Grand and Hester in Chinatown. I've bought their live lobsters and crabs, both were good and cheap. I've never tried the Shanghai hairy crab but I saw them in the bins.

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            1. re: wadawada

              Wow.. did you really? You mean last year right? Because it is still way too early for Shanghai hairy crab season.

              1. re: kosmose7

                I was at that market last Monday (this year :)) and they had those crabs bound with strings in the crates by the live lobsters and blue crabs. Can't vouch for authencity but they were there

              1. re: DaveCook

                i think something like 80-90% are supposed to be fake, but honestly ive had ones that im pretty sure they were fake and ones that im pretty sure weren't fake (very high end restaurants in HK known for their excellent seafood) and i really couldn't tell the difference

              2. hi , this is kevin from toronto, did you find the Chinese mitten crab (Da Zha Xie, 大閘蟹)in us??I'm very interested in it. Can you give me a email? my email adress: thanks