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Sep 16, 2011 06:32 AM

Naples moderately price

Planning a trip in November. Looking for family owned places, good food and moderately priced for a share app, 2 entries, coffe and two glasses of wine. With tip $80. Is it possible?

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  1. at Waterside Mall (upscale Mall) Bricktops is great food and service and is about that (if you share the app).
    Inca's Kitchen is very moderate, you'll have to share the app if you want to eat your entree. also its one of the best places in Naples and family owned. (Bricktops is the second of a "chain" rest out of Ohio i think.
    Angelina's in Bonita is family owned and mod to exp. they have just opened an upscale tex-mex that few have tried as yet called Agave--but the word of mouth is good.
    the Jolly Cricket is owned by a local family--located on 5th ave--but have heard they might not be around much longer (nothing wrong with the food, its the lease).
    Brookdale's is a new place by a family that moved here from Brookdale queens--and brought the family italian recipes.
    for breakfast/lunch there's Sunburst--family from Boston that's been here for about 12 yrs.

    Bricktop's Restaurant
    5555 Tamiami Trl N Ste 18, Naples, FL 34108

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      That pizza place is called Rosedale's (as in Rosedale, Queens, NY).

      1. re: Alto2

        my mistake. can one combine brooklyn and queens? the irony is that i grew up 2 towns over from Rosedale.

        1. re: Zeits

          Rosedale's pizza is absolutely delicious! Light, thin and very crisp with fresh ingredients, it's perhaps the best pizza I've had in SW Florida, and that says a lot! I stopped by for lunch, and was happily surprised at the bold fresh taste and top quality.

          It's Neapolitan style, bursting with flavor, baked in a wood burning oven. Your pie is made from scratch as you wait-watch the dough twirled till thin, then hot-oven baked till crisp.

          They also have antipasti, soups, salads, oven baked sandwiches, classic pastas and deserts-it's a real restaurant, and doesn't serve only great pizzas. I'll write more when I've tried those, too.
          (And yes, I'll have a mention on my blogs, too.) How people can settle for soggy mediocre chain-store pizza is truly beyond me.

          Chowhounds, It's getting to be time to organize chowdowns in SW Florida, especially before season starts. Rosedale's would be a perfect spot-great food, friendly atmosphere, and weallet-froendy prices.

          1. re: An Insatiable Appetite

            i'm on board.

            need to give Season's 52 a few tries too.