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Sep 16, 2011 05:49 AM

Best shellfish tower?

Hi all,

I would love advice on where to get the best huge, fresh, delicious shellfish tower for an anniversary dinner. We love Neptune but think the atmosphere would not be the greatest for the anniversary since we can't make a reservation and it's a bit cramped. We just moved back to town and haven't made it to ICOB yet- would this be a good place to go? Other ideas?


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  1. I was at a large gathering at ICOB recently, and had an excellent shellfish tower. This one had two half lobsters, and a bunch of different oysters and clams. I don't think it was a "standard" one, but the quality was great. I think there was a ceviche, too. Had a great cocktail with their homemade vermouth, too (can't remember what it was called).

    I have seen the tower at Oceanaire, and it looked very impressive.

    40 Court Street, Boston, MA 02108

    1. I actually prefer the tower at Morton's. It has the typical oysters, lobster and shrimp. However they also add king crab legs and lumped crab meat. The legs in particular I haven't seen at other local restaurants other than Oceanaire. Also, they omit the clams which I don't really like anyway. All of the shellfish is top quality.

      We sometimes get the tower at a bar and split a steak. I'm not sure if that is what you have in mind for your anniversary, but it is my favorite shellfish tower.

      1. Have had fabulous towers at Abe and Louies for parties.

        1. Perhaps consider Les Zygomates? I haven't had their towers, but their oysters re good, as has been other dishes I've tried there. And better ambiance than Neptune.

          1. I would imagine ICOB would have an excellent one but have not tried it because I am too busy eating their raw selections of oysters but I have had the shellfish towers at Capital Grille and they are excellent. Capital Grill makes delicious steaks but I have found their menu to never change especially the specials and it bores me but their shellfish towers are excellent and they serve warm lemony towels after you have eaten it.