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Sep 15, 2011 08:39 PM

Trip report: nice meals in Cornwall and Gloucerstershire

Just got back from a week in the UK and we had some very nice meals. Standouts includes Sam's on the Beach in Cornwall: There are two locations and this is the second one, overlooking the beach in the Par/St. Austell area.

We also enjoyed the Trouble House outside of Tetbury: We spent a week going from Cornwell to Bromyard (Folk Music Festival), in and around Wales (Wye Valley area) and ending up in Cirencester.

I don't see much outside of London on this board. Any comments about these areas?

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  1. I live in Gloucestershire and have been thinking about going to the Trouble House.

    Can you elaborate on what you had there and what you liked about it? Anything stand out?

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      We had lunch there. We were pleasantly surprised right away with bread and Channel Islands butter. My husband had the venison with some nicely crusty potato side and vegetables (sorry, I forget which ones) which he really enjoyed. I had a sardine appetizer on toast with perfectly ripe roasted tomatoes, then the pork shoulder with mashed potatoes and onions. Sorry if I have a hard time remembered the other vegetables, but everything was good. Wish we had room for desert.

    2. The Trouble House is under new management since I lived in Tetbury but I hope the ghosts are still there...