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Crepe Vine in Pasadena

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Tried it out this weekend, it was good. At last, crepes within easy reach. They had a kitchen fire recently so the menu was limited, including no savory crepes. We had sandwiches, which were grilled pannini style. I had the black forest ham and swiss, and my friend had the portabello with avacado. Both were delicious. I got the end bread crust so I had to chew a lot; couldn't understand why they would even use that end crust since it was so hard to eat. We shared the mascarpone/cinnamon crepe and that was fabulous. Not too much mascarpone, and just the right hint of cinnamon. I definitely plan to go back when they've repaired the kitchen, so I can try their savory crepes.
They have a wine bar and open till 2am, a big plus for Pasadena.

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  1. When you go back, you must try this savory crepe -- I forget what it's called -- with chicken in a mushroom and brandy (I think) sauce. It's delicious!

    1. I've seen some absolutely ghastly reviews for this place on another site (just type Crepe Vine into google). Has this place gotten better? I'm afraid to try it.

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        I don't think it's been open that long. I thought it was pretty good. Except for the bread crust I got, and okay, a little too much olive oil. But it was good, their coffee was good too.

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          i think there is some confusion between a chain of restaurants in northern ca called crepevine (one word)and the newish place in old town. googling reveals mostly positive reviews for the two-worded bistro in pasadena, but some really bad ones for the other ones (some of which are incorrectlhy spelled, but indicate different locations). i have visited the pasadena bistro several times, although i will wait for the kitchen to be restored before i visit again, as their renovation menu didn't excite me too much. i do really like

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            It's possible. But people aren't really all that precise with spelling restaurant names correctly, and the horrible reviews were on a Pasadena-based website.

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              The reviews I just scanned are mixed. I'm not sure about the reference above to "pasadena-based" website. Clearly "Crepe Vine" with or without the space is not a unique name, so there must be others in the country.
              I'll agree with some of the negative reviews on service, they weren't attentive enough. But they're still new and working out kinks. The service at Ford's Filling Station in Culver City was not that great either when I went.
              Anyway, the sandwich and sweet crepe I had were good enough to make me want to go back to try their full menu, especially as I am a crepe fan.

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              Crepevine in Pasadena is not "fast-food" like the one up North. But Crepevine Pasadena is kind of....awful. I do not recommend the food, or the service. STAY AWAY FROM THE CHEESE FONDUE. And the crepes are not tasty. Not tasty at all!

          2. My husband and I went this past Saturday and had a good time. We went at 5pm and the place was practically empty so we had attentive service. We started with the international cheese plate which was very good. I had the Provencal crepe with chicken which was delicious. The sauce was on the rich side so I couldn't finish it, but it was SO good. My husband had the Le Club crepe which he enjoyed along with a glass of wine. The place was very cute, had an extensive wine menu and is just off of Colorado so its a bit quieter, which I enjoyed. I would recommend this place!

            1. i just got back from meeting a friend at the crepe vine in pasadena for dessert and they had a special on the menu: berries and cream crepe!!! oh my - it was GOOD. i think it's my favorite crepe i've had. i definitely recommend it! my only problem with this place is that it's in an alley that sometimes can get a little stinky. once inside, though, you would never know and the food is really delicious.

              1. That's a bummer about their fire. We really like the Crepe Vine, but we never eat the crepes. We love al ltheir other french food. Steak Tartare, tomato salad, mac & cheese.......

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                  the fire was a while ago. they are totally up and running again. i love their garlic and parsley fries, too.

                2. i think it's hilarious that they had a kitchen fire (well, not from a business aspect), but because i know for a fact that they employ mostly students from the culinary school down the way. priceless.

                  1. I heard the French Onion Soup is very good, but have never been there to try it. On my list.

                    1. They are indeed humming along again, as I was there tonight. Started with the french onion soup, not salty at all, but not spectacular, just a good, solid rendition. My s.o. had the escargot, and again while they very tasty, I felt they were a bit lacking in boldness.

                      On to the entrees: I had the special vension meatloaf with the maple glaze sauce (not so much a glaze, but a bechamel, I believe, with maple syrup). It was served on pureed yams with button squash. This was fantastic, but I could see how those without a sweet tooth might find it cloying after a while. Best to have a drink that clears the palate as counterpoint. (I had a chimay and that worked fine.)

                      My s.o. was not so lucky with her entree, however. She ordered the hunchback sandwich, and while it sounded promising (an open-faced, filet-mignon tip sandwich) it was lukewarm. Mine was very hot, so I think hers had been sitting around while they made mine. She had gotten this sandwich before and was looking forward to trying it again, so she was mighty disappointed.

                      We didn't say anything to our server, chalking it up to a flukey night, but they must have noticed anyway, because the manager came over after we had gotten the check. She asked if anything was wrong, at which point my s.o. explained the problem. Not only did she comp the sandwich, but she gave us a voucher for a free sandwich for the next visit. That more than made up for the messed up order (I was willing to write it off as a one-time thing anyway).

                      Overall, this is a great place, with great food, service and atmosphere.

                      1. I love this place -- I've only gone a few times, but each time I go the owner/manager remembers me and remembers things I said the last time I was there. That alone makes me want to return. I've always been impressed with their service, and they hit a new high the other day -- my SO and I returned the afternoon of the 4th from a draining trip due to a family emergency, and we were beyond starving. We went by the Crepe Vine, and there was a sign in front saying that the kitched was closed until later in the afternoon. Depressed by the thought of having to go to someplace like the cheesecake factory, we both sighed and walked off. The owner saw us, asked if we were hungry, and opened the kitchen up for us. We had a fabulous ahi nicoise salad, the portobello sandwich with garlic fries, and 2 glasses of vigonier. The server was very attentive, even though it was clearly her break. I highly recommend this place!

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                          I've not had that nicoise salad--did they actually use nicoise olives, or did they fake it with kalamatas, as most places do?

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                            I didn't notice -- my boyfriend grabbed all the olives because he's in an olive phase (he didn't say anything, so I assume they were nicoise). It was my first time ordering the nicoise salad, I thought it was excellent.

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                              This is simply one of the best restaurants in Pasadena. Service is always friendly, food is just excellent and the atmosphere is cozy. They once spilled almost half the barell of Chimay just because they couldn't get it right due to the fact that is was a new one (trust me, I'm Belgium so I know a thing or two about beer). After I've found it I took my colleagues with me and we're eating there almost every time we're in Pasadena. Already looking forward going there in two weeks.

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                                I liked it when we went a couple of months back, but I liked the appetizers better than the main (seafood crepe and some fish stuff). Their mac & cheese and garlic fries were very, very good.

                                Alas, they had another kitchen fire and looks like from their website they are not offering the fries and the mac & cheese. Anything that involves cooking on the stove or fryer seems to be gone.

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                                  they did recently change the menu because of a kitchen fire - and i am lamenting the loss of the garlic fries! the new menu, however, is very good - they have an amazing duck confit pizza (which i believe can also be made into a crepe) - i was a little hesitant of the new menu, but everything i've tried has been delicious, so i'm still going there!

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                                    OMG the duck Pizza is amazing. Try either of their Tartars as well. Both the tuna and steak are yummy.