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Sep 15, 2011 07:57 PM


Went for the first time tonight. I visited Chicago in June and everyone told me to go to Lou Malnati’s for deep dish pizza. I didn’t get it. Thought it was ok. But I had to check out the new place on Freret that specializes in deep dish. My wife had the Kingpin and I had the margherita. They were both excellent. I especially dug the sauce. I prefer saucy pizza to cheesy pizza. The crust was good. You know it looks good when you burn your tongue, which I did, but I couldn’t help myself. I had to dig in. The menu was very limited, but the owner said they’d be expanding it after they got their feet wet. Seemed pretty busy for 6:00 on a Thursday night. I’d definitely go back.

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    1. It bugs me (and I'm sure the restaurant owners too) when people complain that Midway doesn't serve Chicago-style pizza. They do not claim to! It is a damn fine New Orleans-style deep dish pizza. In a great looking space to boot. Freret Street now has three pizza places (Midway, Ancora, and Dominos). I'm sure you can find one to like.

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        Thanks for the clarification. Perhaps they should have reconsidered their name and done a little marketing control. For example, a quote from states, "The pizza will be Chicago style pizza based on the long established recipes of Steve’s father who Will be intimately involved." So I don't think it's too unreasonable for folks to presume it's chicago style, when lots of sources say it is and their name is Midway.

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          Actually, NONE of the Freret Street pizzas are worth the calories.

          Pizza Delicious, Pizzicare, and Domenica are all far superior

          That's Amore out in the burbs does the only respectable deep dish (aka Chicago-style) in the region

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            For Chicago Style, Try Gott Gourmet on MAgazine. Not sure he has it all the time but he is passionate about it and its good.

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        1. I'm certainly no pizza effete, but have to say I enjoyed my Midway Margherita, nice tomato sauce, hit the spot, and with the great beer selection, the pleasant servers and casual fun vibe of the place, (huge space) I will definitely return. It's reasonable price wise too. I preferred this far more than Ancora, which I thought took itself waaaayy to seriously (really, no black pepper for the table at all? and you are put off i asked?) and where our servers both times identified every last thing on the menu as "excellent" or "really great" and seemed to up sell shamelessly. To be fair, they seemed young and inexperienced, I should have known better. But my apps and pizza were only okay, certainly not worth the price point and shamelessly self-congratulatory vibe we encountered.(cool pizza oven, though) I'm glad I liked Midway, because Ancora was, unfortunately, a let down, at least in this reporter's experience.

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            I don't particularly like Ancora, but "not worth the price point"? Seriously? Their pies range from $12 - $15 (

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              yeah, price doesn't seem like an issue. not doing a takeout order put me off. sorry, i know there is a way you want people to experience your pizzas but this would of been customer likes to get a pizza to take out.....that is after all one of the joys of pizza. and for the poster who will tell me that they don't care about whether or not people like their rules well that is great for them! i felt midway's crust was lacking...just a tasteless hunk of dough...the sauce seemed like straight up tomato paste with little else added to it, the cheese seemed like the cheeper variety that tastes like rubber and the whole thing could have used 4-5 more minutes in the oven! damn shame! i am sure i would love ancora from what i have been told and the pics i have seen look great....too bad for me and them!