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Sep 15, 2011 07:03 PM

Mulan--first time but super delicious!!!

Went to Mulan by Kendall Square in Cambridge tonight, grabbed 4 other people from school and had a super meal.

Thanks to all the dish recs on Chowhound, we knew exactly what to order:

--Salty Crispy Chicken (loved tasty but not too much breading and it wasnt super dry like some can be)

--Beef with Leek in Pancakes (i know this came highly recommend but maybe cos I ate mine near the end when I was about to explode...and also cos I dont LOVE leeks but I figured the other people would and they did love this dish...I found it to be too much of a mouthful of leeks LOL)

--Winter Melon Soup with Seafood (this was great cos it was very soothing/cleansing, light yet still flavorful, but the BF didn't love the seafood, said the clams made it taste too fishy/seafoody haha)

--Salt Pepper Pork Chop (how can you go wrong with this, it was fatty and juicy and seasoned well--YUMMM)

--Braised Pork Shin with veggies (this was so delicious and fatty, another super winner)

--Bean Curd with dry bean sauce (actually cant recall having this ever before--does anyone know if this is very Taiwanese of a dish??? but it was actually sweet, a nice surprise and the BF loved this too!)

--Chinese Squash (this was okayy...may do a bok choy or pea pod stems next time...i found it a bit too soggy?)

--House Special Fish (basically the fish fillets with hot chilli pepper sauce that they have in a lot of szechuan restaurants, but flavorful and yummy...couldn't tell what kind of fish it was but someone said catfish or tilapia which is usually what chinese places use cos its cheaper i think =X)

--Pork with Cabbage dumplings (would have been happier if they were fried but steamed is okay, just nothing to write home about---i think the ones from the chinese restaurant in Belmont (not Shangri-La) are much better, but then again that place is more out of the way and we've only found the dumplings to like there =X)

Overall a very very yummy meal!! :)

149 Belmont St, Belmont, MA 02478

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  1. Thanks for the nice report!

    For anyone who didn't see it, here's a link to another recent thread about Mulan:

    The place in Belmont you are mentioning is Golden Garden, and I agree that the dumplings at Mulan aren't as good as the ones there. If you like dumplings, you should also try them at Wang's in Somerville, which I also think does them better than Mulan.

    Dave MP

    Golden Garden
    63 Concord Ave, Belmont, MA 02478

    1. Inspired by your post, and Gourmaniac's recent visit, I ordered a bunch of fudz from Mulan this weekend. I had to have my old stand-by's -- salty spiced chicken and the fish filets in spicy sauce --but also tried the bean curd with dry bean sauce and the pork floss over sticky rice. I wish I'd read your review closer because that bean curd dish was really pretty sweet. The tofu was excellent, super fresh, but I couldn't get over the feeling I was having sweetened breakfast cereal on my curd. The pork floss is similarly an acquired taste. It's like pork cotton candy. Not bad. Just not my thing. However, the chicken and the fish were outstanding, as always and I wish I'd had enough room for the pork shin in brown sauce, another one of my faves.

      Pictures here: (fish, curd, floss, chicken)

      1. Chinese squash? any pictures, or could you describe what it looks like?

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        1. re: tammyh

          Probably 絲瓜 or loofah. I believe this is 'angled' loofah but I've never been certain. Also sometimes very confusingly called "Chinese Okra." I like it with "bamboo fungus" which has nothing to do with bamboo.

            1. re: KWagle

              I certainly hope it's the angled luffa! (aka "si qua"/silk squash in canto: I love that stuff ...

              understandably, people who like more toothsome/crunchy/snappy textures probably won't like it because it's very "waht" in nature ("waht" being a wet/soggy texture that's fairly liked in my family, at least). western okra is like that as well, though. gooey!

              1. re: tammyh

                Why do you hope it's the angled one? Are you opposed to eating smooth vegetables?

                Learning to read and write some basic menu Chinese is extremely helpful, and Pleco and eStroke (and now WordTracer for iPad) make it pretty easy to do. Pleco also does live OCR, but I recommend you skip this until you learn some vocabulary--Pleco's OCR module works so well that you won't bother to learn for yourself. :-/

                1. re: KWagle

                  it's the one I know and love. :) can't say much for the smooth ones ...

                  eh yah, I have a very very basic vocab bank that won't get me far. time to learn my strokes again ...

              2. re: KWagle

                Top Garden had this on their old menu as Towel Gourd.

                Top Garden
                1921 Main St Ste 1, Tewksbury, MA 01876

                1. re: Ferrari328

                  That's how I've seen it. I think Shangri-La does it and calls it Towel Gourd with Bamboo fungus.

                  149 Belmont St, Belmont, MA 02478

                  1. re: StriperGuy

                    ahh, I never knew.

                    I'm not fond of chinese menus without pictures ... simply because (1) I can't read chinese, and (2) the english translations confuse me.

                    1. re: tammyh

                      really, even in a bad translation there HAS to be a better name for a food than "towel gourd"....

                      1. re: hyde

                        I'd love to redo many a menu ... and set terminology usage straight.