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Sep 15, 2011 05:57 PM

Unpasteurized Apple Cider

Greetings All!

Tried to find a orchard that sells unpasteurized cider around Boston today, but with no luck.

Anyone know of a orchard or other joint that sells the real thing between Boston and the greater Stowe Vt. area along Interstate 89, 93, or 91?
Planning a road trip from Boston to Johnson Vt. to visit my Daughter in the next few weeks.

Hanover / Lebanon would be great, St J. or Barre/Montpelier?

Thanks in Advance!


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  1. You might want to check out Farnum HIll Cider (Poverty Lane Orchard) in Lebanon. They make sweet cider (you will need to check first about pasteurization) but they also make amazing hard ciders! I really think you will find a lot of orchards in VT and NH that offer unpasteurized, I never have a problem finding it (we are around Amherst/Nashua...don't think you will head through here).

    1. Scott Farm in Dummerston VT (access via Exit 3 I91 in VT) produces unpasteurized cider. They have a self-pay farm stand where you can by the cider and varieties of apples, including heirloom and baking varieties. Phone # is 802/254-6868.

      1. I get mine at Lull Farm in Hollis NH. Bought some a few days ago actually.

        You won't find any in Mass as it's illegal to sell there.

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          I'm not sure it's illegal to sell unpasturized cider in Massachusetts...In the past I've bought it at Tendercrop Farm in Newbury in the last few days before Thanksgiving.

          1. re: Gio

            Hmmm, maybe I'm wrong about Mass. NJ is definitely illegal and I thought Mass was the same.

            1. re: Gio

              It's legal for orchard's in MA to sell unpasteurized cider at their own location.

              Honey Pot in Stow has the best I've found in the area.

            2. re: rizzo0904

              In NH if a farm is going to sell their cider wholesale it must be pasteurized...I am guessing that many farms do the pasteurization in order to be able to sell more of their cider (outside of just the farm stand). Lull Farm is big enough on their own, they just sell at their own markets. Their cider is one of my favorites though! Another great place, rizzo is Paradise Farm, up Center Rd. in Lyndeborough. He's got really great cider too.

              1. re: solargarlic

                We like Lull's sweet cider a lot, he usually has two types available in the fall, made with different apple variety/mixes, each with differing levels of sweet/tart.

                Currier Orcahrd in Merrimack NH also sells unpasteurized cider. It is a fairly limited mix of apples, but pretty convenient to Rte 3 (probably two or three miles closer to the highway than Lull Farm's, but I haven't mapped it to be sure). 9 Peaslee Rd, Merrimack, NH 03054-4518, (603) 673-9538

                You might also want to check out Gould Hill Farm in Hopkinton, NH, it is a fairly easy on/off from Route 89. Their cider is delicious, unpasteurized, and their selection of apple varieties is broader than Lull's, and later in the season, i.e. October, the selection of apple varieties maybe even wider than Farnum Hill/Poverty Lane. Also the view from the farm is spectacular!

                As for the folks in W. Leb, I'm about 90% sure Poverty Lane sells unpasteurized sweet cider too, but have to admit I didn't get there the last couple of seasons (last year they were hit really hard with the late frost/drought, and their crop was minimal), so my information on them is a bit out of date.

                1. re: qianning

                  Yes, Gould Hill is fantastic! I love making the trip up there every fall...a great drive and as you said, the amazing view makes it worth the trip. I was completely amazed by all the apples they have. The pick your own area is really big too, so the kids always have a blast running around :).

                  1. re: qianning

                    Was at poverty lane yesterday and they do have u.p. cider for sale in the barn!

              2. most states have now made it illegal to sell unpasteurized cider (talk about too many regulations) i think. in ny they can sell it i believe at there own places but will not sell it at famers markets. it can still be found but it is difficult to find

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                1. Bought a half gallon of unpasteurized apple cider at Tendercrop yesterday. I thought it was delicious. Slightly tart, slightly sweet, pleasant apple taste. It comes from Giles Family Farm in Alfred Maine. $5.99/1/2 gal. $6.99/gal.