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Sep 15, 2011 04:49 PM

Can you reheat Arancini?

I am thinking of serving Arancini as a small bite with cocktails. Can I pre-make and fry them and just reheat in the oven or am I going to lose too much flavor/texture?



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  1. I think reheating in the oven would be fine. It will preserve the texture and they should be crisp.

    1. I find that reheating in the oven on a rack works well. The coating recrisps nicely, and doesn't get soggy since the air can surround the ball. Since you know that you will be reheating, you might want to undercook them just a little bit during the initial frying.

      1. oven works... since it's a party, my suggestion is kind of unhelpful, but for smaller gatherings, a toaster works great too!