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Sep 15, 2011 12:47 PM

DTW - Rathskeller/Dakota Inn

Anybody been there lately? Have a chance to join a group in late October. Checked the menu (yes, I know food has never been the big draw there...) - $11.95 for bratwurst?

If not stellar chow, may just go for the brew and singing Schnitzelbank.

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  1. Ohhh, I really want to like this place. But, the food is so unnecessarily lame, last I knew. Please report back if it miraculously has become decent. It wouldn't be that difficult to serve decent German food (reference the area's edible Polish food available), and the atmosphere (inside) is so wonderful with the piano and the ancient construction ... :-(

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      VTB, no worries -- no foods' my decision; berkleygary has an event there and I' imbibe something pleasant. Dakota Inn used to be the converging point night before Thanksgivingof a whole lot of us in our early 20's out of college to meet up, meet friends of friends. Oh, and of course, wake up with, if not a raging hangover, at least the need for aspirin and getting your car and going home from wherever you woke up. And -- total fun!

    2. I was there in August for their end of summer vacation grand opening 10 cent beer lunch.
      The food to me is ok, nothing special, though I do like the potatoes and the cabbage.
      The atmosphere is great if it is what you are looking for.

      1. I've been there once, and I'm with the majority: the architechure and atmosphere are superior, but the food (especially considering the price point and the "local competition" like PVC) is simply okay at best. This *has* to be a factor, though: I don't like beer. At all. That surely must make it an unfair competition.

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          The beer is way better in Hamtramck as well. :)