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Sep 15, 2011 12:22 PM

Where can I find swedish punsch in London?

Has anyone had any luck in London? I'll only be there for a few days - and mostly central - but I really want a bottle before heading back to Canada?

also, any liquor stores with above average to incredible selection?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Might be worth calling Scandinavian Kitchen; they stock a variety of Swedish groceries. If they don't have it, wouldn't be a bad idea to ask if they know of any place that does.

    1. Eeerrrr.. What is it please? !! Sorry for being ignorant!

      1. You can buy it online in the UK, but you probably won't have time to wait for a delivery. Agree with Limster re contacting Scandinavian Kitchen.

        As for impressive liquor stores, I think my corner shop has a startling array of all things booze. Some of it even looks to be pre-war. But on a serious note, you could pop into Selfridges, even if just for a look. Or for all things obscure and wonderful, try Gerry's in Soho.

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          they have it at the whisky exhange -

          i'd call beforehand tho, they might need to get it in (which takes a few days)