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food ideas for sick toddlers

My boys both have hand foot and mouth. Any ideas on food?

I've done applesauce, kefir, whips yougurt in the freezer, greek yougurt, cheese, ice cream. But I'd like to change it up a bit. I do have an avocado but it's not ripe enough yet.

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  1. Can you do a smoothie with blueberries, raspberries and banana? Add a lilttle yogurt and honey to make it sweet and creamy. If they don't like the seeds, use seedless raspberry jam and leave out the honey.

    1. Oatmeal is easy on the stomach, as are soda crackers. At our house we drank 7up and orange juice till we all better. I don't know what 'hand foot and mouth' is. New disease or new terminology?

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        it's sores on the hands, feet, and in the mouth...so oj would not work well. my youngest was lucky and his is only on the hands and feet....the older one was not so lucky. his mouth is a mess. guessing they picked it up at the indoor playground we went to.

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          I am not familiar with the disease (yet), but am thinking that some raw honey, taken directly from the spoon, might help with the sores and blisters, for your older boy. Hopefully he would like the idea of being given a spoonful to honey to suck on throughout the day.

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            gonna give the spoonful of honey a shot here in a bit. thinking he'll love it!

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          It;s also known on the East Coast as Coxsackie Virus and let me just say, it's the DEVIL!! The poor children get blisters in their mouths, throats, hands and feet. Just atrocious. My daughter had it at 6 months old and I still fear it. 3 weeks of hell.
          That said, for toddlers, it's so hard to guess what they will tolerate with this painful virus. I would suggest trial and error of things that have no/little acid b/c it will burn.
          Dairy is soothing and cooling so ice cream pops, pastina with butter and milk...things like that.
          i'd suggest avoiding anything crispy as that could feel terrible in the mouth and throat going down.
          I hope your darlings feel better soon...

        3. Yellow lentils and rice, maybe with a little spinach in it, cooked soft and pureed with some salt and butter, are something my Mom used to make when we were very sick or teething.

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            When my daughter had it last fall, she only wanted to eat "eggies and rice". Saute some cooked, white rice in butter, crack an egg or two in there and scramble it all around until the egg isn't runny anymore.

          2. Pastina.....cooked in chicken broth,add a little butter.....yummy for toddlers!

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              That's what we got, sometimes with the addition of an egg swirled in for protein. Whenever I see pastina in the grocery store I want to buy some, cook up a bunch, butter and salt it, and go crazy gobbling it down.

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                This is what my daughter always wanted and still finds most comforting at age 24. :-) I got it, too,when I was litle, but I preferred the spinach pastina with cottage cheese. I had very grown up taste buds. :-)

              2. wow, that sounds terrible. my daughter likes sweet potatoes and acorn squash a lot. those are soft and sweet. you can always add some butter and maple syrup as well.

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                  Oh, that sounds good, too. Sweet and nutritious.

                2. cheesy mashed potatoes? poached eggs with bread and butter? poor little things.

                  1. Oh, I'm so sorry, my son had this. I called it "hoof and mouth." We would spray his mouth with a painkiller spray just before eating -- tasted terrible, so we would start with a chocolate chip to chase the bad flavor. Then, we would do soft foods like other posters have mentioned that slid down. (We bought straws and let him pick a different color each time.) When making smoothies, we used full-fat yogurt just to pump up the calories and added banana, honey, vanilla and soy milk. He also liked frozen peas and corn.

                    1. Custard. My mother believes it cures everything. And while I don't entirely agree, it sure tastes good and is easy to swallow.

                      1. Thanks for the ideas...I think I'm out of pastina so I need to go pick some up.

                        Last night we were successful with pear slices and pasta with butter and cheese.

                        This morning we had a FAIL with oatmeal so he had kefir and yogurt. Tried frozen blueberries and they didn't work either.

                        Thankfully my oldest has a really high pain threshold...this illness sucks!!

                        He's drinking cocoa now.

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                          I hope everything is better tomorrow. At least they are sick together.

                        2. The poor things! Since you do not have access to the Pastina, Campbell's Chicken and Stars soup always seems to comfort my 3yr old when he is sick. Feel better!

                          1. Well tonight he devoured sushi...lots of it. Who would have thought?? But I guess it is soft. His poor little mouth....