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Sep 15, 2011 12:16 PM

In praise of the kitchen scale. Do you find it so useful?

This NY Times article suggests that a kitchen scale is a must have. Overly hyped, or do you concur?
Do you recommend the brand you own?

"Tipping the Balance for Kitchen Scales"

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  1. yes, especially if one bakes, does modernist cuisine, or is simply into portion control. I have a Salter for larger measures and a Tanita for powders.

    1. I use a kitchen scale only when being extremely careful with portions for myself, as when dieting strictly. I know Alton Brown favors using a scale for measurements when baking.

      1. I'd throw out my measuring spoons and cups before giving up my kitchen scale!

        1. Measuring by weight is infinitely more accurate than measuring by volume. All recipes etc should be giving measurements in grams by now.

          1. Yup, I use my kitchen scale all the time. It's especially handy for gluten-free baking, since all the flours have different densities. Measuring by weight, you can substitute different grains and starches for one another very easily.