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Sep 15, 2011 11:21 AM

1st day el celler can roca, last day tickets, help please with the in between meals.

hi folks, we are planning to spend 4 days in barcelona next month, first day we are travelling to Girona to el celler and the last day we got reservation for dinner at tickets, the in between meals we would like to have them at more local places, more tapas, more mediterranean, more traditional -barcelona and also less expensive local places, we are staying at lexiample, we would really apprecciate your recommendations for this first trip to barcelona on our 10th wedding anniversary and also 40 year old birthday!! thanks a lot!! Garz.

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    1. Hi Garz, happy anniversary! and enjoy your trip to BCN!!!

      These are just can try the following:

      Forn Baluard, was named best bakery this year.

      For tapas, try Cuines Santa Caterina, they have an amazing rolled up cappacio with foie, fried calamari, an a delicious mini burger.

      El quim de la Boqueria, just about everything is fantastic there.

      For a very authentic feel, Bar Tomas, try the patatas bravas!

      the list is endless..but I would sugguest you also try La Cova Fumada as well.

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        I am in a similar boat but wasn't lucky enough to get a reservation at Tickets nor El Celler De Can Roca. I am going on a birthday trip. I did get waitlisted for lunch at El Celler De Can Roca but they said the chances were not good. I did get a booking for dinner at Sant Pau - is there much to see in the day there as it is an hour's drive from Barcelona and it will be a late night for dinner?

        I will try to do a walk in to Tickets or 41 Degrees to see if I get lucky.

        I also have a reservation for Can Fabes - is it still worth going to post Santi?

        The other restaurants I have shortlisted are:

        Cal Peps
        Commerc 24

        Will do a search around the board but appreciate advice since this was a planned on short notice and I get there in a week and need to reserve hard to get into places as soon as possible.

        Will be heading off to Madrid after that and I have never been to either so advice much appreciated.

        Thanks and regards