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Sep 15, 2011 11:16 AM

Best Italian coffee on Danforth

By which I mean espresso-style, and since I've lived out here on the Danforth for almost a dozen years, I'm glad I can even start this thread. When I got here, there was Starbucks and Tim's. Lots of Greek coffee, and lord knows I love Greek food, but the coffee? Not so much.

Now there's The One Cafe, Crema, there was Iliada (but let's face it, he didn't know what he was doing behind the bar), The Rooster, Broadview Espresso, and not too far a more field like Te Aro and Red Rocket. All in addition to a clutch of Starbucks.

My favorites now, in order, are Crema, Broadview Espresso, and The One. The One isn't always super consistent, but they're so nice there and you can sit for hours in comfort, etc. Wifi, too. The Rooster is likewise inconsistent, but sometimes they're also a little snarky.

But for taste, there's nothing better on the Danforth right now for a properly made capuccino with very high quality espresso than Crema.

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  1. When I think Italian coffee, I think of the take-out window at Seb's Cappucino.

    Seb's Cappucino
    1928 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4C, CA

    1. Broadview Espresso is far better than Crema IMO. The Rooster would come next.

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        Braodview does do a pretty good cap. But like I say, the Rooster is hit and miss with their drinks, I think. I often get a scalding hot latte when I've ordered a capuccino. I finally sent one back and got a serious evil eye for it. The thing I like about Crema is the quality of the roast, which is very fresh and has wonderful fruitiness in it, along with a decent sting. And they do a terrific job with the milk.

        3079 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6P1Z9, CA

        1. re: barksducks

          I don't go to Rooster often, but the times I have been, they've been good. But nothing has beat the flavour of the roast at Broadview Espresso for me. I find it consistent. I've been going there since they opened. Plus, I love the unpretentious owner and staff. I honestly don't get the big deal about Crema. Not to mention one time I went in there. There was no one there. I asked the guy at the cash for a skim latte. He repeated it and looked kind of confused. Then he walked to the back and brought a young lady back and told her what I wanted. They chatted for about a min and then she again asked what I wanted and started putting her hair up in a ponytail slowly and looked like she was totally confused and in slow motion. It's hard to explain without being there, but I was totally put off and said thanks, but I'll pass and then I walked the several blocks to Broadview Espresso.

      2. I've been really happy with both The Rooster and Crema. Have had excellent lattes from both. I like that they generally have a variety of espressos at Rooster and I can choose whatever floats my boat. Rooster also has awesome snacks...the sea-salt caramel brownie is deadly.

        I've been to Broadview a few times and the coffee is good but not great. Once they made my bf a latte-esque cappuccino when he ordered a double. That was kind of disappointing.