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Sep 15, 2011 11:14 AM

Stapleton Thai?

We are moving to the Stapleton neighborhood soon and are looking for rest.recs. including Thai.

Doesn't have to be exactly there but within a 5 mile area. Anybody? Other recomendations?

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  1. Just spend about a month on business a couple of blocks for the East 29th Ave Town Center, where Stapleton Thai and about a half dozen other dining establishments are located. Standard fare for the area----Chipotle and Einstein Bros----on the chain side, but had a couple of local faves. Breakfast lunch: check out Udi's Bread Cafe, great food and pricing, lots of delicious veggie options. Some of the best breakfast I've had in some time, and very popular especially on weekends. Also enjoyed Casey's Irish Pub for lunch dinner, standard pub fare but cozy. Berkshire had some nice lunch options, salads and is probably the nicer of the restaurants in this area. Enjoy Stapleton, lovely what they've done with this area!

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      I'm not terribly familiar with that part of the metro area, but Stapleton is not far from/adjacent to Aurora, which has one of the greatest concentrations of ethnic restaurants & grocers around. Thai Flavor (1014 S Peoria) is one I've heard of but never been to. Anyway, should be enough to explore and report on for the rest of us.

      Thai Flavor
      1014 S Peoria St, Aurora, CO 80012

    2. I have been to Thai Flavor in Aurora... GO THERE! It's very good.

      I have been to Thailand a couple times... Thai Flavor has the best Thai food I've had since my trips. Nothing compares to the real deal of course, especially the food in the night market and little streetside stalls, but Thai Flavor comes pretty close!

      If you also like Vietnamese... Pho 79 (1080 South Havana) is in the same area as Thai Flavor... almost as good as my favorite pho place on Federal!

      Thai Flavor
      1014 S Peoria St, Aurora, CO 80012