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Sep 15, 2011 10:00 AM

Orange sherbet dipped in chocolate ice cream bar - where to find in Mtl?

When I was a kid growing up in Montreal, Sealtest, the local dairy company, used to make a frozen treat known as a Space Bar. This was basically orange sherbet on a stick, shaped like a fudgesicle, and dipped in chocolate. Pure heaven.

Sadly, Sealtest is long gone having been absorbed by one of the many huge dairy conglomerates, and Space Bars haven't been around for at least 25 years. I think in other parts of Canada they were called Brownie Bars.

Well, recently I was at a company picnic and they had a freezer full of frozen treats, and lo and behold there was the Space Bar - only under some different name like "orange sherbet and chocolate bar" or some such unimaginative title. It brought me back to the days of my youth.

Only one problem. Idiot me never thought to check the wrapper to see the brand and who made it.

I've since looked through the ice cream section of my local supermarket only to have no luck.

I've checked out the websites for Chapmans, the Popsicle folks and done searches for Canadian frozen treat companies. All without success.

You know what's next. Have any Chowhounders here seen these things here in Montreal?

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  1. I just saw this at the Giant TIger on Marcel Laurin in Ville St-Laurent. I don't think they were called Space Bars (I remember those, and I loved them!), but they were the same in theory - orange sherbet bars coated in chocolate.

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        I remember them from when I was a kid too. I saw them last year at Costco but just the once, if you find out where we can buy them please post it on here .

    1. YES>> I love these. Can't find them anywhere. I bought them at Giant Tiger last summer and I am sure the summer before as well. I am sure they were made by Chapmans. (They were not called Space Bar).
      I looked at Chapmans website and they are not there. Phoned them; a lady in customer service said she had worked there for 5 years and had never heard of them. Said they could have been 'd-listed'.
      I looked at Giant Tiger's website. It states:
      "Ask to speak to a department supervisor, who will assist you in locating the item or suggest a substitute. Please note many of our items are one time opportunities and can not be reordered".
      Spoke to the dairy manager. She said she did not remember them, but they often get "D-listed" items that are no longer available.

      Unfortunately, I think for those of us who love these... we may be out of luck. If anyone finds them, please let me know. (Hopefully this site sends an automatic email if there is a reply).

      PS. I am in Mississauga, Ontario

      1. Aaaahaaaaa!
        Yes, thank you. Link:

        Called my local Giant Tiger store. Told them they were the Iceberg label and then she recognized the name. She then looked up her order sheet and is ordering some in! Have to waid a week or so, but can't wait. Thank you for your help.

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          You might try checking out Aubut near the Atwater Market. They carry Iceberg brand ice cream.

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            Thanks, but I'm in Ontario. 'Giant Tiger' store is ordering them in. It is on their "Iceberg" supplier list.

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              It boggles my mind how these are made by a Quebec manufacturer, yet can only be found at Giant Tiger. A quick search of the web will show many folks professing fond memories of the "Space Bar" and this is pretty much an exact copy, yet just try and find it in the freezer section of your corner store.

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                I remember these being called JET bars in the 80s where I grew up - small town QC

                This goes back a couple of years, but I have seen boxes of those in the large 3/$10 freezer bins @ Super C - although sparsely, as in - I may have seen them a couple of times over 2 summers only.

                Slightly off topic, but this all reminds me of ice cream I used to have growing up - around the same time period. It was orange swirled with black licorice. PC started making some a few years ago and I see that stuff regularly at Loblaws/Maxi/Provigo stores, if anyone else is interested.

        2. I am in Chateauguay quebec and found them at giant tiger made by iceberg called sherbet bars