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Sep 15, 2011 09:53 AM

Granada and Seville

Granada: Information about La Mirador de Morayma.
Seville restaurants?
steve krugman

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  1. check out azahars sevilla blog Great resource

    1. In Seville, do not miss Abantal, it is absolutely superb and a great value. Modern cooking and decor. For more traditional, Taberna del Alabardero is quite good and the art nouveau decor is magnificent. For tapas, you can't beat Zelai.

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        Zelai was good for Tapas but for me was blown away by Enrique Becerra and above both La Azotea.

      2. Have you searched these boards for info on Seville? People also need to know what kind of place you are looking for and your budget before they can help you, otherwise it's just shots in the dark.