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Sep 15, 2011 09:52 AM

Blue Bell Ice Cream

I live in North Carolina, and we can usually find Blue Bellonly at Walmart and at Walgreens. Neither place carries their full line, but they carry enough to trip your trigger. They each do always have it in several varietes.

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  1. I had it at Hill Country BQ in DC. It seemed like average for grocery store ice cream.

    The premium ice creams at Wegman's are better as are the premium flavors of Stone Ridge Ice Cream at Shoppers Food Warehouse.

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    1. re: Steve

      Bluebell is better than average when you get it in Texas (much better!) ---but isn't after it's been trucked in and stored for who knows how long (or at what temp) at Hill Country. it's not for sale in the groceries around here. You can do a mail order, but it's got to be four gallons or more. (something like that----I purchased some for a homesick texan years ago)

      1. re: coolcreek

        Sometimes, too, it's more about the memories the food brings back than anything else.

        1. re: coolcreek

          Too bad this is the DC/Baltimore Board, then. Not worth the price they charge.