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Sep 15, 2011 08:55 AM

Birthday Dinner Party Suggestions

I'm trying to plan a party at a nice restaurant for my Dad's 60th birthday. I'm looking for someplace that will allow us to bring our own cake and is willing to either section off an area of their restaurant or give us a private room for only 15 people. Anyplace around New Hope, Lahaska, Doylestown, Lansdale, Ambler....basically not in or around the city. Preferably a little closer to the NJ border since we have family coming from there.

We've looked at Baci but they sadly don't allow outside cakes, and Dettera in Ambler (who I assume due to recent water damage is busy and not responding). It can't be Middle Eastern cuisine, Mexican or Sushi...I realize that limits us but we're trying to accomodate all family dietary restrictions.

The party is set for October 15 and we desperately need to make a reservation this weekend! Any suggestion are welcome! Thanks!

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  1. In Warrington, you can try Villa Barrollo, ( do not know about the cake.. but they do have private rooms available or are able to accomodate large parties like yours in their main dining room. Its on the corner of 611 and Bristol.

    You could check with a couple of the old stalwarts in the Lansdale area.. Joseph Ambler or William Penn Inn. Food ok...not sure about the cake issue. I would check Joseph Ambler first. Much better food these days.

    In Lahaska, you could try Earls, or Sweet Lorraines. I am not a fan of the restaurants there but they do have the room to fit that size party.

    Personally would avoid New Hope like the plague.. parking alone could ruin the festive occasion.

    Good luck and let us know where you end up.

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      1. Here is a recent Doylestown post - for a larger group but a good look at the area.