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Sep 15, 2011 08:01 AM

what are you making today?

Most of us make breakfast once or twice a week for ourselves or someone else and several in here probably have our hands in dinner too. Many of you bake on a regular basis and maybe even make something baked every day.

Since cooking and baking are a favorite thing for me to do on days off or on, I'm in the kitchen always.

Makes me wonder what you make during the day to either add to a future meal or maybe you whip up a condiment or create something then freeze for later. I'm doing that today, are you?

Our son has been seeking strawberry jam so yesterday I bought all to make him a few jars to take home.

Also for my husband who's been under the weather healthwise, he'll get a dessert that has much of what he loves in the sweets department. It's puff pastry dolce caramel-corn chocolate millionaire bars.

Ingredients strawberry jam:

strawberries-lemons-sugar-sea salt-water. No recipe just shooting from the hip. I have 3 jars sterilized for pouring into. Hope it works

Ingredients puff pastry dolce caramel-corn chocolate millionaire bars:

puff pastry crisped glazed cookies-dolce sauce-[caramel-corn]-white chocolate chips-bittersweet chocolate bar. No recipe.

Please post what you're making today. Always gives me ideas of what I can make too.

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  1. I have a bunch of ripe peaches and am going to attempt to make my own pie crust for the first time. I'm trying the vodka recipe, so if it comes out bad I can always drown my sorrows.

    I also overbought bananas because they were 29 cents a lb, and how many Baileys Banana Coladas can you drink (uh oh, I'm sensing a theme here). Anyway a loaf of banana bread to stick away in the freezer for the future.

    Made a gallon of broth a few days ago; tonight half will go into a simple chicken soup with cavatelli, and the other half goes into a curried squash soup with all the roasted squash that is taking up room in my fridge. I always overdo it on the roasted vegetables. After all my other cooking, the soup will be served with grilled cheese sandwiches. I'll freeze the leftover soups, and hopefully can see into the back of the refrigerator for the first time this week!

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    1. re: coll

      coll, you're funny.
      so you've not ever made pie crust before then? it's not hard. if you need help, I'm happy to add my $.02. love the sound of your curried squash soup. do you roast the squash first to get a bit blackened or no?

      1. re: iL Divo

        I roast the squash til it's browned in spots but not really black. I over did it because I got the butternut on sale for 49 cents, but then saw calabasa and also snake squash. Had to have them all for some weird reason. I always use leftover squash, and an apple or two, or leftover applesauce, which I always have on hand this time of year. It's one of my first soups of the season.

        My husband hates squash, and curry too, so I call it Spicy Pumpkin Soup and he goes crazy for it. It's not like I'm lying exactly....

        Banana bread in oven, the way I make it it always overflows the bread pan. While digging through the cabinet, it was easier to reach the bundt pan and I realized it will probably be a lot better cooked in that. I usually lose a bunch of risen dough to the oven floor, which is a waste. Now on to the pie crust, if I run into any snags I'll be right back!

      2. re: coll

        just reading over this and wondered if you attempted your pie crust.
        today, right now, my dough is resting in the frig for half hour then I'll roll it out and fill it with banana filling so the pie-ettes I'm making for the husband will be ready for dinner.
        also making him a really hearty [with a little heat] beef stew. it's so cold outside, looking forward to a nice warm hearted dinner and a small bite at dessert, they are little pies that'll be baked in muffin cups. sort of a single bite and not too much on the stomach.

        1. re: iL Divo

          Yes, the first time was nothing to brag about. But the second time it was perfection. And the third. Not hard at all, once you see what it should look like. I made apple pie the second two times and the apples came out great too. Quiche and pot pies are big around here, so I'll be getting lots more practice. I will never eat store bought again, if I can help it!

          Just pulled out some cut up bone-in goat from the freezer that I bought on a whim, gonna make Jamaican curried goat with rice and peas in the next day or so. Doubt my husband will try but I will offer and have something else on hand. I'm trying not to buy any more meat until I empty the freezer of what I have, not that I haven't made a few exceptions.

          1. re: coll

            coll, I'm with you about not buying any more meat until emptied the freezer of what you have. we all need to do that but me more than anyone. my problem is every time I see something that is on sale that I know I use, I buy it and freeze it. about 2 weeks ago there were these flat steaks on sale, regularly around $10 each depending on their size but this day and this day only, they were anywhere from $1.43 to $2.37. not out of date, just maybe too many to see I don't know. I bought 10 of them. They're perfect size for hubby and I plus our DS#2 if he's here, so why not. That's where I get stuck.

            so glad you mastered your pie dough. I wrote a friend a complete 'how to' for Christmas a couple of years ago and gave that to her along with her ingredients to make it. she, like so many others, won't attempt pie dough for fear it'll go south on her. she still tells me how incredible her crusts now are, simply because she was determined and paid attention to a detailed report.

            1. re: iL Divo

              I studied how to make pie crusts for years, and swore when I retired I would finally attempt it. Why that deadline I don't know. But I'm happy that I succeeded so quickly. Now on to canning things besides preserves, growing a garden and all the other good stuff that was on that list.

              1. re: coll

                LOL! My bff and I always joke about things we know we'll NEVER get around to by saying "right after I finish the preserving".

                1. re: coll

                  in this day and age canning foods is probably a brilliant food these days come at a price

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Wedding cakes. We've got 11 going out on Saturday, so it's busy time here at the bakery :)

            1. I roasted a huge cauliflower and plan on using it in a variety of ways over the next few days.

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              1. re: danionavenue

                this morning I thought of posting a photo of the cauliflower I bought yesterday.
                it is the biggest I've even seen. you're roasting a huge one, they must be growing to mammoth sizes now.
                I only bought it because one I couldn't resist and two I love them raw with a little salt for lunch.

                1. re: danionavenue

                  Roasted cauliflower doesn't last for a few days at our house. 24-hours max. We eat it like candy. If I'm going to cook with it (pasta or whatever) I have to do that right away.

                2. Nothing too much...its a workday for me, so.....a berry banana almond milk smoothie.....ate lunch out during the work day.....husband grilled a sirloin steak, brushed with Sweet Baby Ray's raspberry chipotle barbecue sauce, and I made broccoli cheese stuffed baked potatoes, and a tossed salad for supper...low fat brownies from a mix for dessert.