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Sep 15, 2011 07:29 AM

Bulk Foods in Fairfield County?

Anyone have a good source for Bulk Foods in Fairfield County? I've checked Fairway and Whole foods and haven't been impressed with their pricing. Specifically looking for organic grains/beans.


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  1. I've done all the searching in Fairfield County too, and have ended up buying online. I get organic black and white quinoa from and I've gotten farro through Amazon in bulk 11 pound vacuum sealed packs. They also have 2.2 pound packs. The brand is Trensatette or something like that.
    I've also been to the Organic Market in Westport and they do have a large variety of things but their pricing is not good (and I find them to be rather unfriendly if you aren't a regular).

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      Thanks. I guess there is also Ms. Green's, but still nothing great. For a short while Costco had big bags of organic short grain brown rice , but no longer .... too bad! (They still have organic quinoa however.)

    2. You can give Dandy Distributors a call to see if they carry what you need. They're in Danbury. I've used them for large events.