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Sep 15, 2011 07:27 AM

ISO Christmas event venue, a bit out of the ordinary in Vancouver/Richmondish

We are looking for somewhere to hold a dinner for about 60 people, so either a private room or a buyout. It'll need to be late November early December for seasonal reasons :-). Needs to appeal to a wide range of palates so when I say out of the ordinary I mean we want to get away from the banquet room in the hotel scenario, but not get too crazy with the food. It should be a bit "fancy" so not looking for my usual and beloved great food/value but who cares about the decor spots!

So far I have Cibo, Campagnolo, Kirin, Sea Harbour or Shanghai River, Zest, Nu, Tapenade and Pearl On the Rock. All of these are subject to availability, size and wine options being available so I'm very early in the quest.

All suggestions welcomed and carefully considered.

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  1. What about Sage Bistro at UBC? I've never been myself but it looks like a beautiful venue.
    I've also looked at the following for other events:
    Dockside at Granville Island
    Seasons in the Park (the "gazebo room" holds 65 I believe)
    Fish House in Stanley Park has several rooms that might work
    Steamworks (not great food but something for everyone and some of their rooms are lovely)

    I like your idea for Zest. I was at a private function there years ago and it was quite nice.

    Seasons in the Park
    Queen Elizabeth Park, 33rd Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 2M5, CA

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    1. re: islandgirl

      islandgirl and clutterer, thanks for the speedy first responses!

      I couldn't recommend Steamworks, Dockside or Seasons for the food -- did special events at the first two in the past few months and Steamworks once and the food was really lackluster, plus service at Seasons nearly ruined the evening unfortunately. All are lovely settings for sure.

      Fish House has been more successful for me (we have had events there several times over the past few years) but you have to stick to the simply prepared items and only order fish/seafood or risk not very good food. Also the desserts have really gone downhill the last couple of times. I didn't realize there was a private room that would hold that many people so will reconsider for sure.

      Will deffo check out the courtyard at HG. Some hotels are better than others ;-).

    2. You could look into the 4th floor courtyard at the Hotel Georgia. I have no idea what the food options are, but it is beautiful and - for now - a bit out of the ordinary. Open to the public, so go up and take a gander.

      1. We have had a couple of large parties at Lupo, the largest being about 30 people. We had the entire upstairs beginning with a stand up cocktail hour with passed hors d'oeuvres and prosecco followed by a sit down dinner. It was very well organized and delicious. I'm not sure about 60 people but you could call and ask about the size of your party if this is a venue you would consider.

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        1. re: selena03

          Whoops, shoulda said they'd done Lupo when it was still Villa del Lupo, so it got knocked off. It was on the main floor as the top was too small, IIRC.

        2. Maybe a buyout of Kitsilano Daily Kitchen?
          Hawksworth also has a private room that seats 70 upstairs. That might be bordering on the "banquet room" scenario though.
          La Buca or La Quercia buyout?

          La Buca Restaurant
          4025 MacDonald St, Vancouver, BC V6L2N8, CA

          La Quercia
          3689 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6R1P2, CA

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          1. re: twinkienic

            Will look into KDK, thanks. Hawksworth may be outside of budget but I like the idea. La Buca and La Quercia are sadly too small.

            1. re: grayelf

              I second Kitsilano Daily Kitchen, nice space and good food. Chef Fowke would problably accomodate any food requests. How about Pourhouse, I know they have done buy-outs before.

              Pourhouse Restaurant
              162 Water Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1B2, CA

          2. I remember my sister having had her company Xmas party in the lobby of one of the buildings downtown (I can picture it, it's green, around Georgia and Hornby/Howe). There's an art gallery in the lobby I think. Catered party which is always an option, having a caterer doing it a location of your choice. Not sure but an art gallery is always an interesting place to do a function (I had a girlfriend who got married and held the reception at the Art Museum in Phoenix).