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Sep 15, 2011 07:10 AM

Brunch Drunk Love / Bruno's in the Mission.

Any feed back on this restaurant? It is on today's groupon and am wondering about it. Thanks

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  1. Sorry no one could me any feedback, but just checked and 1972 were sold so far and only 28 are left, so I guess it was a good deal. I got one, will be using it in the next few weeks.

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      let us know how you like it - i haven't been there yet, but a friend just told me he liked the brunch a lot.

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        I've gone, and I recommend checking it out. As an FYI it is Ryan Scott (from Top Chefs) first restaurant.

      2. not really chow-related, but one would think that with "drunk" in the name, the drinks would be bottomless :(

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        1. Had brunch there a couple of weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised. Good attentive service with out being smothering. Bloody Marys were good asa was the tarragon lemonade which I got the recipe for. Food was flavorful and well presented. We got the bread selection and all liked the corn bread. The candied bacon was phenomenal as well. One down side was my poached eggs hadn't been drained well and the water diluted the spiced hollandaise.

          1. Got a reservation for this Saturday, will report back.

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              Reporting back! We had 1 pm reservations and were seated promptly at the communal table. Service was very good and we were not rushed nor did it take too long to get each course.

              We ordered deviled eggs [6 deviled egg halves ]and the frisée salad, with pancetta, poached egg, and whole grain mustard dressing. Too many eggs so we took most home. Salad was nice with the richness of the egg cut by that tangy dressing and bite of the frisee.

              Mains- maple + bacon pancakes with bourbon-glazed bananas. 3 nice sized pancakes and the bananas were reminiscent of bananas foster. Pancakes could have been hotter. DH had duck hash cakes, poached eggs, summer succotash, salsa verde which was tasty.

              Dessert was breakfast cereal panna cotta, frosted flakes + berries served in a small mason jar. The panna cotta was soft more like pudding and was a pretty nice, simple finish.

              There was WAY too much food. We took half of the entrees home too. We would never have ordered this much without the Groupon deal.

              We each had OJ.
              The Groupon cost $29 and I had a $20 referral credit so the cost came out to $9 - a true deal.

              I would go again, but would not order nearly as much.

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                Thank you for the review it sounds like a good brunch place to check out. I am curious... did you want to sit at the communal table? Personally I would be very unhappy if I had a rez and was given a communal table.

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                  I was kind of surprised that we were offered the communal table or the bar. The tables were all occupied and had large groups of people seated. It was ok, we didn't really mind. We only had 4 dates to go, since we are in town for only 2 weeks, so I was happy to get reservations on such short notice. Apparently, they sold 2100 groupons and were getting slammed the last 2 weekends.