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Sep 15, 2011 05:09 AM

Protein bar binders - HELP!!

I have been experimenting with making my own protein bars. I am using a mix of dried fruits and nuts, and adding whey isolate protein powder, flax seed, and cinnamon. I have been using a little honey as a binding agent. I mix all the ingredients in a processor, smush into a pan, and freeze them to let it set. They are great, but they dont last long out of a refrigerated environment. They tend to get soft, and come apart. Is there something I can add to keep them solid for a longer period of time? I want them to be all natural. so artificial preservatives are not gonna work
Please help!!

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  1. brown rice syrup or agave nectar?

    1. dates or figs are good binders. you can also try using fiber one cereal.

      1. If you bake them instead of freezing them they should set up better. I'd bake them low and slow, but you'll have to experiment to get it right.

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          I hear you. I was trying to avoid this being a baked product. I am working on getting them ready for mass production for resale, and I dont wanna have to cook them if its not necessary.
          thank you for your help

        2. What about adding some peanut butter? The chunky kind - all natural of course - should help I would think.