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Sep 15, 2011 03:37 AM

Happy Hour/Hungry Hour Specials near Westminster Street in Providence

I have class at URI Providence on Wednesday nights and want to treat myself to a snack and possibly a cocktail before class (just one folks).

Looking for a place with good happy hour/hungry hour food specials in the area.

I have been to McCormick & Schmidts Hungry hour and really enjoyed it.

I noticed that Tazza reopened right accross the street and has $1 raw bar, but I don't know how much food they move so I am a bit suspiscous (any experiences)?

Wondering what else is around in walking distance.


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  1. Try Aspire (Hotel Providence) or Luxe very good APPY HR...

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      Does Aspire list their appy hour menu anywhere, I cannot seem to find it?