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Sep 15, 2011 01:22 AM

Maitairita (margaritai?)

So I have been experimenting with some different rums for use in a mai tai, even tried some cachaca (interesting paired with cruzan blackstrap). At some point (aided by rising BAC I am sure) it occurred to me that mai tais and margaritas were not that far off - both have lime and orange liqueur - so I decided to sub 2 oz Tequila for the rum in a mai tai and see what happened.

It was good IMSBO. (sb = somewhat buzzed)

I was curious to see if anyone else had tried this, what they thought, and which of my names they like better.

Here is what I used - really almost the same as the often used 2:1:1 margarita but with orgeat subbed for half the triple sec, and 1/4 oz simple syrup, slightly light on the lime juice

2 oz tequila (el jimador repo)\

3/4 oz lime juice

1/2 oz orange liqueur ( I used harlequin)

1/2 oz Orgeat syrup

1/4 oz simple syrup (i used agave nectar)

shake with ice, strain over crushed ice. (what is the benefit of straining over fresh ice?)

I also tried this recipe with 2 oz Bourbon (OGD 86 proof). It was good, IMEMBO. (even more buzzed)

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  1. Trader Vic created this in the mid 1960s and I know that it appears in my 1974 cocktail book. He called it the "Pinky Gonzalez."

    I prefer to strain over fresh ice because you can control what the ice will look like at the end. For example, if you want cubes, shaking can shatter them, etc.

    I know that the book does have a whiskey Mai Tai in that book which called for 2 oz of "Trader Vic Mai Tai Mix" which I'm afraid to know the ingredients of but it had to be a synthetic sour mix of sorts.

    1. On a somewhat related note, I have been tinkering with Maitais lately. Tried this out last night.

      What I had last night:

      2 oz mt gay amber

      1 oz Cruzan blackstrap (trying to kill off my bottle, though I think it was Yarm that recommended the Corn and oil which is quite good.

      3/4 oz Bols triple sec (trying this out, not bad stuff actually)

      juice of 1 lime

      1/2 ounce Luxardo amaretto

      1/2 ounce orgeat

      I serve it on the rocks with a homemade cocktail cherry.

      Made a pretty good maitai.

      1. You got to this by your own experimentation? I'm impressed! I used to tend bar at Trader Vic's... this is almost the exact formulation for a Mai Tai made by Vic's original recipe. Yarm is correct that it is a Pinky Gonzalez; Vic invented it for his short-lived Señor Pico Mexican restaurants. The bourbon version of it is called a Honi Honi, and improves with the use of lemon juice; at Vic's we used the juice of half a lime and then added half an ounce of lemon juice.

        Oh, Vic's standard operating procedure was to shake the hell out of the Mai Tai with crushed ice, and then pour directly into a double old-fashioned glass.

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        1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

          This recipe was on Matt Robold's site

          But I had come up with the same ratios myself a while ago starting with trader vic's original recipe found on Beachbum Berry's site but scaling back the lime juice to about 2/3-3/4 oz (because I seem to be really sensitive to lime juice, it seemed to dominate) and adding a little more orgeat (because I really like orgeat).