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I have been to a ton of taco joints in Dallas. From trendy tacos to taquierias. My favorite, close, go to tacos are from the chevron @ Greenville and Lovers. It's a pretty sketch neighborhood, so if you're a couple of girls pulling up in your mercedes, you may want to pass. The chicken (and i NEVER get chicken at a tacquieria) is so good. The rest is okay.

Tacos Al Guero over in east of Deep Ellum is also very sketch but very good. The tacos are much smaller than the chevron, but they're good. Their Suadero is excellent, I can eat about 10 of them.

As for trendy, good 2 go is unbeatable. Velvet taco moved into my neighborhood and it's really good, but good 2 go is far better. No others seem to make a mark in my head.

There is this real sketch gas station across from bachman lake that ken rathbun once posted about to go get tacos at, so I did. It's the only place I've been that serves Trompo - spiced pork on a spit. And the trompo delivers. I could drink their orange salsa.

feel free to ask me about tacos anywhere, i'll review if I've had them or I'll go eat them if I haven't - I have a taco problem.

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  1. I don't remember seeing a Chevron at Greenville and Lovers unless you mean the one in front of the Tom Thumb across from Central Market. I didn't know they serve tacos there.

    A big, Plus 1 for Tacos El Guero! My favorite "quick" taco joint.

    For excellent tacos from a Trompo, also try El Tizoncito on Forest Lane south of Webbs Chapel or their original location on Illinois Avenue in Oak Cliff.

    Also, Plus 1 for "Good 2 Go Taco" on Peavy Road near Garland Road. Really great "gringo" tacos.

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    1. re: twinwillow

      it was really late last night

      greenville/park lane.

      1. re: gdubfosho

        LOL! OK, we'll give it a try. Thanks.

      2. re: twinwillow

        I know Guero opened a branch on Gaston Ave right beside a gas station. Have you tried there?

        1. re: zeruel13

          I heard they were opening on Gaston but no, I have not been there, yet.

          1. re: twinwillow

            Either of y'all have an address here?

            1. re: gdubfosho

              el guero lakewood
              7233 Gaston Ave Dallas , TX 75214
              next to ymca, in the gas station

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                Had lunch at the new El Guero on Gaston today. Delicious, comfortable and, CHEAP!
                Under $10.00 for three different tacos and a drink. It's next to the Fina station.

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                  damn u beat me to it.
                  someone should arrange a taco get together or something

        2. re: twinwillow

          Did you perhaps mean Webb Chapel south of Forest?

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            El Tizoncito in Dallas is at 3318 Forest Lane. Putting it east of Webbs Chapel and west of Marsh Lane on the south side of Forest.

            Seafood Shack is on the west side of Webbs Chapel just south of Forest Lane at 11625 Webbs Chapel next door to Two Guy's from Italy.

        3. A couple more (really good) taco joints for you....

          Taqueria El Paisanita on Inwood road just north of Maple. It's the little blue and white stand (with seating, now) in front of the strip shopping center there.

          And by all means, Taqueria El Si Hay (in your car seating) on Davis Street across from Bolsa in Oak Cliff.

          And one of the very best...Taquerias El Fuego on Plano Road just south of Campbell in Richardson. Real mom 'n pop inside sit down taqueria. Great selection of homemade salsa.

          1. I tried the newly opened Velvet Taco at Henderson and 75 tonight. Really, really good, unusual (gringo) tacos. I had the cornmeal fried oyster tacos in a delicate semi-hard corn taco shell with all the "trimmings" and a raw "poky tuna" taco with all the trimmings heavily wrapped in a lettuce taco "shell" ala In-N-Out's "protein burger". Both were excellent and very reasonably priced at $4.50 each. Excellent selection of lesser known "boutique" sodas, too. I will return!

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              Is that where the Church's (?) chicken place was?

            2. Have you tried Fuel City tacos? We liked the spicy pork and ground beef tacos - there was a cart outside selling corn in a cup - they would mix it up with all sorts of condiments - tasted good!

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              1. re: houndess

                Yes, Fuel City is Tacquieria style tacos that do not deliver on quality or taste.

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                    Funny - right here on Chowhound.... all the rage once. My how the shine wanes after the next place pops up. But no need to slight the quality. That's kind of libelous.

                1. Further to my above comments, Taqueria El Fuego is now closed and out of business.

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                      For some reason, It's also known as "DF Gourmet Tacos." They get a fair amount of positive reviews on Yelp. Along with the usual number of negative reviews, too.

                      Too far for me personally to go there as I live in Uptown and have enough on my plate in my own neighborhood.

                      1. re: twinwillow

                        i'm in uptown too, but a little adventure is not bad :D
                        I frequent a south east asian place in carrolton lol

                    2. I love taco's in any way ,shape or form. I babysat for a wonderful Mexican couple as a teen and they are still friends to this day. I have also had the priviledge to sit around a table and make tamales by the hundreds during Christmas a couple times. Labor intensive, but so worth it.

                      That said, I am confused by this word .."Tacos Al Guero over in east of Deep Ellum is also very sketch but very good."

                      What does sketch mean? Maybe it is a regional word? I am from the south.


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                      1. re: Robinez

                        It just pertains to the neighborhood as being somewhat, "sketchy". Like, "iffy", "rundown", or, "tough".
                        Ignore those descriptions! Go to El Guero and enjoy their incredible tacos. There really is no seating at the original location on Bryan St. You can stand up with the crowd and eat at the wall counter. Or, take them home to eat.
                        However, although I haven't been yet, I would imagine their new location on Gaston will suit your needs a lot more as far as "comfort" is concerned.

                        1. re: twinwillow

                          Thank You, twinwillow.

                          Makes sense to me now.

                        2. re: Robinez

                          I think she meant the adjective form "sketchy". Sketch doesn't really make sense.

                        3. I also think that El Guero is west of Deep Ellum. It's in east Dallas. Love them. Great tacos.

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                            I believe El Gurero is actually, east of Deep Ellum. Not, west.

                          2. Google "El Guero Bryan Street" and check the Google map. It's definitely east of DeepEllum.