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Sep 14, 2011 09:13 PM

Fancy Bakeshops in Santa Cruz?

Looking not so much for a traditional bakery, but a place with lots of individual-serving pastries to chose from. Need for this coming Sunday.


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  1. I think your best bet would probably be Kelly's French Bakery. They tend to have things like petit fours, mini tarts, etc. The Buttery also has smaller pastries, but some of them are more like 2-3 servings, e.g., 4" cheesecakes and that sort of thing--not really individual servings. The Buttery has a large assortment of cookies, rugelach and muffins, but it sounds like you may be looking for something a little more elegant.

    Kelly's French Bakery
    402 Ingalls St, Santa Cruz, CA

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      stopped in at Kelly's late afternoon/early evening--was astounded at prices. But they may be average for being local? Nothing particulary beckoned. Was at Gayle's the next day and things looked much nicer--cleaner if you will for lack of a better term--got a shorbreadish type cookie, it was very good, coffee too.

      Find of the trip was Freedom Meat Co. on Green Valley Rd. all I can say is W.O.W. that's some meat. and sausage. and deli offerings. I go t pulled prok sandwich with freshly made home fries. Absolutely delicious. From the dutch crunch roll to the side of South Carolina style (thin, vinegary) sauce, the best pulled pork I've had in a long time. Their freshly made red potato salad is company-worthy. The best prepared PS I've had yet. creamy, eggy, not too much mayo, onion, or SALT, just perfect for my taste.

      The whole time I was there, deciding, there was a stream of folks coming in for BBQ meats, pounds of sausage, thick-cut steaks, chops, and pre-marinated chicken. Land-office business yet never felt rushed or crowded. This was a Saturday afternoon. Outdoors, there are umbrella covered picnic tables for those eating on the run, with some interesting butcher shop equipment as decor.

      Next trip will try some sausage. Literally dozens of yearly awards in about every deli category, hanging on display. Found out Watsonville has historically been the largest Croatian community in the West, perhaps that explains the sausage popularity in W'ville?

    2. How about Gayle's Pastry and Rosticceria in nearby Capitola?

      1. Hands down my favorite in Santa Cruz. Kelly's is also good.

        1. Gayle's in Capitola, The Farm Bakery and Deluxe Foods in Aptos, The Buttery in Soquel, Emily's in SC. Whole Foods has a nice bakery as well.

          Farm Bakery & Cafe
          6790 Soquel Dr, Aptos, CA 95003

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            thanks for the reminder--have never stopped in at The Farm, now I've got a reason.

            1. re: toodie jane

              Love the fruit tarts, and chocolate eclairs w/ strawberries.