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Sep 14, 2011 07:08 PM

Korean food near Excalibur?

Will be in Vegas the end of the month for 5 days. My wife will probably die if she eats American food that long. Any good / not too expensive Korean restaurants in the area? We will have a car and I am willing to drive if that is the choice, but would prefer walking distance. See the sights, get some exercise, that sorta thing.

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  1. There really aren't a lot of good Korean restaurants in Vegas. As long as you have a car, I suggest you try Yum Yum BBQ south of the strip in a small strip mall. Their Korean food is pretty decent and priced better than the Korean BBQ places you will find near Chinatown. They have an all you can eat deal, but it's not a buffet and you don't cook your own food, they make it fresh for you.

    Although it's not Korean, I am also going to suggest Island Favorites, which serves amazing Hawaiian food. Everything is homemade and the staff are super friendly. They have great BBQ beef, saimen, and loco moco. I highly recommend this place. It is my husband and my favorite place.