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Sunday Brunch at a place that takes reservations

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  • FayeD Sep 14, 2011 06:53 PM
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Chowhound from outside Philadelphia coming into San Francisco this weekend and looking for Sunday Brunch at a place that takes reservations. We are staying at a hotel in the Union Square area but also willing to take a cab. I have checked a number of the recommended brunch spots but no reservations and long waits are mentioned. In addition we would prefer to order from a menu rather than a buffet and would like cocktails or champagne to be available. Any recommendations are appreciated.

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  1. Have you tried Open Table?

    1. My top two make-a-reservation- brunch spots lately have been Nopa and Prospect. Both serve cocktails and don't have buffets. From downtown, Prospect is more convenient.

      560 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA 94117

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        I agree that the above are both good possibilities, and I'd add Foreign Cinema to that list.

        Foreign Cinema
        2534 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94110

      2. Hog and Rocks, Orson, Bar Agricole, Prospect, Farmer Brown, Greens, Serpentine

        Farmer Brown
        25 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

        2495 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

        Orson Restaurant
        508 4th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

        Bar Agricole
        355 11th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

        Greens Restaurant
        Bld. A, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA 94123

        300 Spear St, San Francisco, CA 94105

        Hog and Rocks
        3431 19th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

        1. There was a pretty comprehensive article on 7x7 about brunch spots that have reservations available. http://www.7x7.com/eat-drink/rise-and...

          Much of what has already been recommended by other Chowhounders is included in the article. I've enjoyed the Prospect brunch... i think it would suit your needs. Great sexy space! Awesome cocktails... bloody mary is tops! And the portions are very fulfilling.

          1. The classic San Francisco reservation required Sunday brunch for visitors is the Garden Court at the Palace Hotel. This is undoubtedly the most beautiful public space in the city and sparkling wine is complimentary and continually re-filled. It is, however, prix fixe with no menu. There are eight to ten food stations around the perimeter of the room, with servers at the stations where it makes sense (prime rib, etc.). There is also live music.

            Another place that takes reservations and has cocktails is 25 Lusk. The food is quite good, and space is modern and impressive.

            Garden Court of the Palace Hotel
            2 New Montgomery St., San Francisco, CA 94105

            Palace Hotel
            2 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA

            Twenty Five Lusk
            25 Lusk, San Francisco, CA

            1. I want to thank everyone for all their recommendations. Right now Prospect and Twenty Five Lusk both look great. If anyone has been to both and would like to recommend one that would be appreciated. Again thank you.

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              1. re: FayeD

                I've been to Twenty Five Lusk for brunch (Easter) and Prospect for dinner. My husband and I liked the space at Twenty Five Lusk, but the brunch was just ok. While I haven't been to Prospect's brunch, their food is a definitely a cut about Twenty Five Lusk. Sort of no comparison in my book.

                Twenty Five Lusk
                25 Lusk, San Francisco, CA

                1. re: rln

                  I have also been to Twenty Five Lusk for brunch and Prospect for dinner, but I had the opposite reaction. I thought the brunch at 25L was creative and well executed (I especially liked the complimentary cinnamon crisp, chocolate chip muffin, and cheddar scone), and the dinner at Prospect was the same old conservative Cal-cuisine, nothing special. If atmosphere is important, 25 Lusk is darker and reminds me of Manhattan while Prospect is brighter and is definitely San Francisco.

                  Twenty Five Lusk
                  25 Lusk, San Francisco, CA

              2. Had a great brunch at Foreign Cinema recently. They take reservations, and have great eye-openers and food.

                Foreign Cinema
                2534 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94110

                1. Thank you for all the good ideas. After looking at the on-line menus of some of these places I realize I probably should have mentioned something else in addition to prefer that it not be a buffet. My husband has simpler tastes than I do and is generally more happy with some type of seasonal pancakes, a good omelet, or something not quite as complicated as what is on some of the menus. For instance, while that article mentioned either Twenty Five Lutz or maybe Foreign Cinema having excellent pancakes, I didn't see them on their menu. So while I admit to being a "foodie" probably not nearly as much as some of you obviously are. I really would like to make a reservation someplace today, so any further comments on appreciated, particularly if these places are willing to accommodate some substiutions? Thanks again for your time and responses.

                  Foreign Cinema
                  2534 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94110

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                    Found on Open Table with !0AM opening in my first post. Not sure if still possible but check menus Baker and the Banker and Cafe de la Presse.



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                      The food at Perry's Embarcadero is far simpler and less fancy than at some of the places that have been mentioned. They take reservations and have a full bar. Also, if you can get seated on the Bay side of the restaurant, there are some nice views.

                      1. re: FayeD

                        You're a thoughtful wife!
                        I just want to throw one more in the mix, and it may be out of what you're looking for.

                        Out the Door on Bush St in the Fillmore area. It's a Vietnamese restaurant but their brunch menu has a range of brunch items. I really enjoy their brunch. Scones, omelet etc. There are pancakes on the menu but not sure it qualifies as simple. It's a energetic place and close to the Fillmore area shopping and Japantown. Anyway, just throwing it into the mix.


                        Too bad about Foreign Cinema's menu. I've liked their brunch too, but maybe a lot fot their good Bloody Mary's.

                        Foreign Cinema
                        2534 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94110

                        Out the Door
                        845 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103

                      2. I'm pretty fond of Sunday brunch at Yank Sing. They have a full bar, tables with white linen (topped by parchment paper). The food, delivered by carts, is quite good. The Rincon Center location (they have two) is my favorite.

                        I'm ok with Campton Place and the Palace for breakfast. Still, nothing beats dim sum (deem sum) at Yank Sing for Sunday brunch for me and Deb. Been going there for years. They take reservations. It's not cheap. As an aside, the Rincon Center (the old post office) is beautiful.

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                        1. re: steve h.

                          Can you get pancakes at Yank Sing?

                          Yank Sing
                          49 Stevenson St Ste Stlv, San Francisco, CA 94105

                          1. re: Paul H

                            soup dumplings!

                        2. Bar Tartine has reservations available for brunch tomorrow. Anybody been? No menu up yet.

                          Bar Tartine
                          561 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

                          1. nothing has ever come close, for me, to rivaling the brunch i had at foreign cinema - they know how to use eggs better than anyone else. full bar there too